02 December 2014

November Favourites

Happy December! November truly flew by this year, but we are not into the Christmas season and I am so so so super excited. There weren't many new products in my collection throughout November but there were a few fab little products that I have really been enjoying. 

Miss Sporty Eyeshadow Quad 'Smokey Rose'. I picked this little palette up whilst browsing the Superdrug website, and at first I was very unsure, purely because I've not really heard much of the brand and it's pretty inexpensive. But you should never judge a book by it's cover and sometimes it's not always 'you get what you pay for'. I really love the shades in this palette, they are so Autumnal/Wintery and they look beautiful together, you can create so many different looks ranging from day to night. The pigmentation, quality and texture of these eyeshadows is pretty good, the palette was only £2.99 so I am pretty impressed and I'll definitely look into the other shades they do. 

MAC 'Rebel' Lipstick. I love MAC lipsticks, they really do deserve the love and hype they receive, okay they are a little more expensive than a drugstore lipstick; but they're so nice to have and use. I have totally fallen in love with 'Rebel', a gorgeous deep plum shade with a purple, berry undertone. This shade looks beautiful with pale skin, and I imagine it would suit a large variety of skin tones. 

MAC '188' Brush. The Small Duo Fibre Brush has been in my collection for a pretty long time, my Mum purchased it for me years ago when I first picked up a MAC foundation. It had been sat in my collection, collecting dust as I had no use for it, this was before I discovered it would work perfectly for powder highlighter. I have been loving using this with a range of different highlighters to add a pretty dewy glow to the tops of my cheeks. This brush works wonders at applying just the right amount of product, I really do think MAC brushes are fab quality and are totally worth the price. 

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer. When I first picked this product up, I hated it, it made my eyes look dry and cakey and the shade was completely wrong for my skin tone. However recently I can't get enough of this, I love how well ti covers my dark circles and it seems to leave a flawless finish when powder is applied over the top. The shades are a little darker than the ideal shade, but it does work as you only need to apply a small amount and you could apply a lighter powder on top to counteract. I love using the more salmon toned side for my dark circles, and the yellow shade to cover redness or veins on the eyelid. 

So there we go, my pretty small favourites for November! What have been your favourites?
Alice May Snell