07 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Wish List

This year, I have one hell of a Christmas list that I've had to turn into an overall life wish list, as there is just so much I would love, it's a little too much to ask for just for Christmas ;-). I have discovered and seen so many amazing products over the past few months, things that I would love to receive as a gift, instead of buying it just for myself. I really want to step into new brands, new products and broaden my collection, so I have included a few different things on my wish list this year, I do hope Santa thinks I've been good! 

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray has been on my 'things to try' list for such a long time, with it being not so easy accessible in the UK. However there are now a few places that you can find NYX and I am determined to add this to my collection. I love the sound of the product and I hear so many good things, with people comparing it to Urban Decay and MAC. I would also love to try the Matte finish, just to compare, but out of the two I do overall prefer the dewy look. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is an absolute staple product, it feels like everyone and their cat has tried this, apart from me. I am forever getting dry, chapped lips or a sore area of skin, and I feel like this product could be a miracle worker and I seriously need to try it! I have seen this in TK Maxx on a few visits but it's never been that much of a saving to treat myself to it. 

Hannah Maggs Makeup Bag, oh wow these are the most beautiful makeup bags I've ever set my eyes on. I love Hannah's YouTube channel and her weekly family vlogs. Out of her collection my favourite has to be Serendipity which is a gorgeous ditsy floral print makeup bag. I feel like these would make the perfect gift for any makeup lover, but for anyone at all really as you could use it for other things, not just to carry makeup.

Anastascia Dip Brow Pomade has been sat in my beauty bay basket a couple of times now, yet I still haven't picked it up. At first I really wasn't sure which shade to go for, sometimes I prefer a lighter brow and sometimes a more defined and darker brow. It is so difficult to decide only from pictures on Google, but in the end I think I would be best suited to 'dark brown' as it is a neutral shade. I just love the sound of this, as much as I love my current brow kits and pencils this sounds like it could be my favourite, and I haven't even tried it yet!

Thebalm Bahama Mama Bronzer reminds me a little of Benefit's Hoola bronzer, its a beautiful matte brown shade, although this is a little darker than Hoola. I am always on the search for the perfect bronzer and although I have many in my collection that I do love. I absolutely adore the packaging of this, along with all other products by Thebalm. 

Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set because you can never have too many brushes. Since asking around and seeing what other bloggers use, I have my heart set on some Zoeva eye brushes. I love the look of this set, although it is £50, as you get every eye brush you need for your collection. Zoeva eye brushes are around £6.95 each so £50 for 12 is a pretty good buy. 

Opium Black Fragrance smells incredible, every time I'm in a department store I have to go and check this out. I'm not really keen on the original Opium scent but this is so lovely, very sophisticated and the bottle is glittery so I definitely need it! 

Soap and Glory Solar Powder, oh whoops another bronzer, this one is actually a lot lighter than the other i mentioned. I have seen this featured in a lot of blog posts and YT videos lately and it looks gorgeous. I love the concept of having two different shades that you can use separately or together for a very subtle and natural glow. 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, I feel like this is another product everyone but me has tried. I have only smelt it once in store but I remember it smelling amazing and the fact that its glittery is insane. 

Whats on your Christmas list this year?
Alice May Snell