16 November 2014

The £1 Blush

I recently placed a makeup order and added a bunch of MUA products to my basket, I have tried a lot from the range and I love their products, I guess I just wanted to add more to my collection. I think their £1 products are fantastic and the price is even better, it's amazing to be able to pick up good quality makeup for such a small cost.

I have fallen in love with the MUA blushers, if you are on the lookout for a new blusher or just want to add more colours to your collection you definitely need to head to an MUA counter. There is a big selection of colours available from light to dark and peach to pink. My local Superdrug actually didn't have all of the shades available, which was annoying as it was 3 for 2! But I did manage to get my hands on three of the shades, I think there are around six or seven in total. 

I particularly like the packaging of these little blushes, they are very compact, smart and contain a lot of product, which for £1 is again, amazing. I don't believe this little product would last long if dropped, the blush would most likely crumble, but if you're careful and remember it didn't cost much at all, they'll be fine, besides it would only be £1 to replace anyway. 

I picked up 'Candyfloss' which is a beautiful dusky pink, a perfect shade for those with pale skin, as far as I can see, this shade has a very slight hint of shimmer to it, which works really well to highlight the cheeks and give you a beautiful rosy glow. The next shade is 'Cupcake' a more nude, natural colour that would suit so many skin tones, this is a really beautiful everyday shade with a slight brown/orange tone to it. The last shade I grabbed is 'Bon Bon', this is kind of a mix of the two above, it's a more coral toned shade but it's also still pale and nude so perfect for a variation of skin tones. I absolutely love all three of these and each one is so unique in it's own way. 

These blushers are a lot creamier and pigmented than I first expected, when buying makeup I always think of 'you get what you pay for' but actually these are just £1 and the pigmentation is insanely good, and such high quality, they don't even feel chalky to touch. 

I think my favourite and most worn out of these three will definitely be 'Cupcake', its such a versatile colour that goes with any makeup look I try out and gives me a really lovely healthy glow, without being overpowering or too dark for my skin tone.

I am super impressed and I will definitely be picking the other shades up when they're back in stock!

Have you tried the MUA blushers?
Alice May Snell