08 November 2014

Easy Eyes

If you're anything like me, you hate early mornings and getting ready is something I want to do quickly and easily, especially now we're into dark and cold mornings. So I'd just like to say thank you to the people who invented the products I'm going to show, those being cream and pencil eyeshadows. 

Recently I've been using cream or pencil eyeshadow non-stop, these products are effortless yet look amazing and can help you get ready for the day in minutes. Gone are the days of being late for work because you took too long doing your eye makeup ;-). 

At first, I really loved the MAC paint pots, in particular the shade 'camel coat' and at this point I really struggled to find anything similar in the drugstore, however they have really stepped the game up recently and the drugstore now have a pretty good variety. If you're looking for a really nice matte everyday shade, 'camel coat' is so beautiful and it works so well just with a little eyeliner and mascara, so easy to do and super quick. 

Other brands that have brought easy eyes to the table include Mally, Maybelline, Rimmel, Bourjois and even ELF. I wish I could tell you which brand is my favourite, but I can't because they're all fab in their own way. 

Mally 'empowering lilac' - Rimmel 'bad girl bronze' - Bourjois 'petale de grace' - Maybelline 'on and on bronze' - MAC 'camel coat'

I'm just going to tell you my favourite shade from each brand, the ones I run to on a daily basis and feel are my most used, but obviously they all come in an array of other colours so there is so much choice for you all! 

For the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick I am in love with this beautiful shade called 'bad girl bronze', it is so well suited to this time of year and although it looks pretty dark here do remember I haven't actually blended this out! It is so Autumnal and pretty with a hint of shimmer and this 'bad girl' aint going no where because it literally stays put until you say so!

Then we have 'on and on bronze' by Maybelline, the ever so famous colour tattoo that I think every beauty addict has in their collection. This really is a fantastic product, fab staying power, works as a base for any other eyeshadows or provides a beautiful subtle bronze shimmer for an everyday look, i love it. A very similar product to this one is the shade 'nude' by ELF Cosmetics, I absolutely love this brand, they do some amazing products at such good prices. I'm not sure their cream eyeshadow is available in any other colours but this colour is a slightly lighter colour to 'on and on bronze', it's more of a taupe shade that is so beautiful and creamy. 

Lastly, two pretty similar products although one is a shadow sick and the other is in cream form. So Mally is an American beauty brand only available on QVC, a little pricey but her products are fab and I love the shadow sticks, they blend so effortlessly and aren't too glittery. The Bourjois cream eyeshadows are also a big favourite, although not available in a wide range of shades so I only have a couple. These ones dry to more of a powder finish, not at all powdery but they just set in a different way to the others, for example the colour tattoo. This shade though, is simply stunning, it is beautiful subtle pink that honestly looks incredible on blue eyes, especially.

Have you tried any of these? How do you speed up your makeup routine in the mornings? 

Alice May Snell