10 November 2014

An All Time Favourite

Do you ever find those products that you just buy again and again because they never fail and you just never want them to never ever become discontinued? I do! It's not that often I find a product I couldn't live without, I could definitely live without this product but I wouldn't be too happy about it!

I'm pretty sure the majority of you will know of or will have tried this mascara, it's been around for a very long time and still has the signature packaging of green and pink however in waterproof it has the black lid, this is a great way to distinguish which is which. I don't think theres been a point where this mascara hasn't been in my collection and I'm sure it was one of the very first pieces of makeup I ever purchased. 

One thing that has always stood out to me is the price of this little product, at just £4.99 it is so affordable yet it works like a dream and really gives great lashes. Mascaras are becoming more and more expensive averaging at around £10 and more, and thats just from the drugstore. The thing I love about this is that there are no major claims, I am forever disappointed by mascaras that claim to do things they really don't do, this one just gives your lashes a really lovely look. With just one coat of this, you'll achieve a very natural, separated lash look, but this can be built up with more coats to give more volume and length. I particularly like this mascara for its staying power and wear time, there is no fall down from this one or smudging throughout the day, something I really hate! 

I have pretty short and very straight lashes, to the point where I have to use heated lash curlers to actually get them to stay curled! The little wand on this mascara is brilliant, its a great size for anyone who wants more control or who has smaller eyes or even shorter lashes, you can really grab every lash without making a total mess. I can't say I notice this mascara clumping my lashes together, just be sure to work quickly and layer it up before it dries, as it is waterproof it does dry quickly and once set in place it really does not budge. 

For under a fiver this is such a fab product and one I think I'll have in my collection for a good few more years, thumbs up yet again for Maybelline!
Alice May Snell