04 October 2014

Mally Beauty Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Mally Beauty is a brand that I only know of and have tried because of QVC, the only stockist here in the UK which saddens me slightly but it is great that we can access the American brand somehow. Mally is the most beautiful American Makeup Artist who sells an incredible range of products, one of my particular favourites being her volumising mascara (trust me girls it does what the name says!)

A few weeks ago I picked up a few bits from QVC including a set of her mini liquid lipsticks, the name made me think they could be similar to the ever so famous Rimmel Apocalips. I was drawn in by the great price and the fact that they're mini versions, I like to try before I buy!

The set includes four beautiful colours, all of which I can wear comfortably, annoyingly they don't have names, I'm not sure if thats because they are limited editions for this set or because they are minis. Anyhow, the colours in the set include a baby pink nude, a bright orange, gorgeous hot pink and a mauve. 

I have found these to work great either just on their own for a more sheer hint of colour or by layering them on top of a lipstick gives a beautiful finish. The baby pink works lovely with the Natural Collection lipstick in Marshmallow and the mauve looks gorgeous over the top of Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink. The consistency of the product is just right, not sticky like cheap lipgloss but also not too glossy.

Have you tried any products by Mally?
Alice May Snell