08 October 2014

MAC Paint Pots

I am obsessed with eye makeup, with trying new looks, colours and styles. I used to be a no eyeshadow girl, I'd just use mascara and eyeliner as it was easy and convenient, it also just looked how I wanted it to. I discovered cream eyeshadow a while ago now and loved it from the second I tried it on, the look, feel and longevity was incredible and still is.

I wasn't aware how amazing a small pot of cream eyeshadow could be until I discovered the Paint Pot by MAC. I believe these have been around for years and they come in an array of colours ranging from matte to shimmer which is fab as I love a bit of both. I currently only have two of the pots in my collection, at £15.00 they aren't the cheapest of product to buy and I can't decide which other colours I'd like to try.

The first shade I have is 'Painterly', a matte light pink toned neutral which makes a fantastic everyday base for any eyeshadow. The pink pigments work extremely well to counteract blue tones and veins on the eyelids as well as concealing any pigmentation and leaving a beautiful, smooth base for eyeshadow application. I also find this works as a general eyeshadow, I can use this alone on a daily basis and it gives a lovely neutral shade to the lid, covering any imperfections and giving a hint of colour. 

The other shade I have is 'Camel Coat', I actually purchased this one first out of the two, this is also a matte shade but a little darker than 'Painterly' and more on the brown side. I find myself reaching for this shade more over the other purely because I think it suits my skin tone better and I just generally enjoy wearing the colour more. Again this one could be worn alone or with eyeshadows, I think it looks gorgeous alone personally and this is my favourite way to wear it. 

I love the consistency of the paint pots, the lasting power is fantastic and I don't experience any creasing or problems throughout the day when I wear the product. I highly recommend these to anyone, and if you're on a budget take into consideration that the one pot will last you such a long time as you only need to use a small amount, there is a lot in there! 

What are your favourite eyeshadows?
Alice May Snell