22 October 2014

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Liz Earle is a very popular skincare brand and it's one of my favourites, I'm not sure I could go a day without using my trusty Cleanse & Polish! I've used the brand for years and I've always been so impressed. I have tried many of the products from Liz Earle and loved all of what I've tried, the brand is excellent for anyone with sensitive skin or if you just want a very simple but effective skincare routine. There is no fancy packaging or fancy ingredients, all natural and beautiful. 

Recently I picked up the large size of the Instant Skin Tonic in the spritz bottle, I've tried this a long time ago but in a much smaller size. I've always been one to regularly skip toner in my routine, just because I've not ever found it to be that beneficial, just another step in the routine. I've always had thoughts that a toner would dry my skin out, but this is definitely not the case with this product. 

The thing I love most about this product is the fact that it comes in a spritz bottle, so I simply spritz the product onto my skin after cleansing and the product sinks into my skin beautifully. It is so nice to not need to worry about applying a toner using cotton pads, it really is so easy. There is no wastage with this product too, I find cotton pads waste a lot of product and the product doesn't tend to sink into the skin as much. 

I suffer with quite dry skin, the type of skin where when I leave the shower, my skin feels tight and needs hydration, which is why I love this so much. The way the product just sinks into my skin so easily and it is perfect for anyone, even with the most sensitive skin. With no scent or fragrance it really is a beautiful product, making a fab cooling and soothing agent for anyone with irritated skin. 

The packaging is true to Liz Earle style, very simple, chic and beautiful in the gorgeous staple colours. With a tight cap lid you can take this on the go and not have to worry about leakage or spilling. You can also buy the tonic in a standard bottle that you can then decant into the spritz bottle, instead of buying a new bottle each time! If you're a big traveler or fancy a handbag friendly size, the Liz Earle starter skincare sets come with a mini version of this exact product, a fab addition to your handbag for on the go. 

You can purchase Liz Earle products from some Boots stores, the Liz Earle websiteQVC and many more places such as John Lewis. Be sure to check the Liz Earle website near Christmas for fab gift sets and offers where you can save so much money. 

Whats your favourite Liz Earle product?
Alice May Snell