02 October 2014

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover

Since I've started wearing waterproof mascara after discovering that it really does keep your eyelashes curled all day, I've needed to invest in eye makeup remover! This isn't something I used to use purely because my everyday cleanser was strong enough to remove general mascara, however it doesn't quite remove waterproof. So off to Boots I went on a hunt for an eye makeup remover, one that would remove stubborn mascara and every trace of it. 

I ended up going for the new Garnier Express 1 in 1, mainly because it was purple and it was half price! I love the 'shake to activate' concept of this and although you'd expect this to be a greasy, oily product it's definitely not. I've always been very put off by eye makeup removers purely because of the nasty texture they can have, and the feeling they can leave on the skin. This one however is really great, it removes every trace of my eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and awake. 

How I use this product totally depends on how I'm feeling that day and how much time I have, some evenings I like to use two damp cotton pads, disperse a little product and place them onto my eyes for a few minutes, this is dfintely something I do when I have more time or need to chill out a little. On a day to day basis I tend to just grab some of the product on my fingertips and gentle massage the eye area to break down the makeup, it works fine and saves on cotton pads! 

Since purchasing this I've used over three quarters and I will definitely be going back to repurchase whether it's on offer or not, I may try something different too but I highly recommend this product to any of you looking for something similar. 

Whats your favourite eye makeup remover?
Alice May Snell