30 October 2014

The MAC 217 Dupe

If you haven't heard of the MAC 217 brush, you're missing out! I am a big lover of makeup tools, especially brushes, whether its for face or eyes I seem to have far more than I need.

MAC brushes aren't cheap, ranging from around £15 all the way to £30+ they're definitely a treat or something for the Christmas list in my eyes. But price aside, their brushes are definitely worth paying that little extra, the quality is fantastic and they are nice to have, however, if you're on a budget there are some extremely good dupes or alternatives. 

217 is a fluffy medium sized brush, it is used mostly for blending but can also apply shadow, cream or powder and be used for concealer. I personally find myself using it mostly for cream eyeshadow application as it gives such a flawless finish. 


22 October 2014

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Liz Earle is a very popular skincare brand and it's one of my favourites, I'm not sure I could go a day without using my trusty Cleanse & Polish! I've used the brand for years and I've always been so impressed. I have tried many of the products from Liz Earle and loved all of what I've tried, the brand is excellent for anyone with sensitive skin or if you just want a very simple but effective skincare routine. There is no fancy packaging or fancy ingredients, all natural and beautiful. 

Recently I picked up the large size of the Instant Skin Tonic in the spritz bottle, I've tried this a long time ago but in a much smaller size. I've always been one to regularly skip toner in my routine, just because I've not ever found it to be that beneficial, just another step in the routine. I've always had thoughts that a toner would dry my skin out, but this is definitely not the case with this product. 

The thing I love most about this product is the fact that it comes in a spritz bottle, so I simply spritz the product onto my skin after cleansing and the product sinks into my skin beautifully. It is so nice to not need to worry about applying a toner using cotton pads, it really is so easy. There is no wastage with this product too, I find cotton pads waste a lot of product and the product doesn't tend to sink into the skin as much. 

I suffer with quite dry skin, the type of skin where when I leave the shower, my skin feels tight and needs hydration, which is why I love this so much. The way the product just sinks into my skin so easily and it is perfect for anyone, even with the most sensitive skin. With no scent or fragrance it really is a beautiful product, making a fab cooling and soothing agent for anyone with irritated skin. 

The packaging is true to Liz Earle style, very simple, chic and beautiful in the gorgeous staple colours. With a tight cap lid you can take this on the go and not have to worry about leakage or spilling. You can also buy the tonic in a standard bottle that you can then decant into the spritz bottle, instead of buying a new bottle each time! If you're a big traveler or fancy a handbag friendly size, the Liz Earle starter skincare sets come with a mini version of this exact product, a fab addition to your handbag for on the go. 

You can purchase Liz Earle products from some Boots stores, the Liz Earle websiteQVC and many more places such as John Lewis. Be sure to check the Liz Earle website near Christmas for fab gift sets and offers where you can save so much money. 

Whats your favourite Liz Earle product?

08 October 2014

MAC Paint Pots

I am obsessed with eye makeup, with trying new looks, colours and styles. I used to be a no eyeshadow girl, I'd just use mascara and eyeliner as it was easy and convenient, it also just looked how I wanted it to. I discovered cream eyeshadow a while ago now and loved it from the second I tried it on, the look, feel and longevity was incredible and still is.

I wasn't aware how amazing a small pot of cream eyeshadow could be until I discovered the Paint Pot by MAC. I believe these have been around for years and they come in an array of colours ranging from matte to shimmer which is fab as I love a bit of both. I currently only have two of the pots in my collection, at £15.00 they aren't the cheapest of product to buy and I can't decide which other colours I'd like to try.

The first shade I have is 'Painterly', a matte light pink toned neutral which makes a fantastic everyday base for any eyeshadow. The pink pigments work extremely well to counteract blue tones and veins on the eyelids as well as concealing any pigmentation and leaving a beautiful, smooth base for eyeshadow application. I also find this works as a general eyeshadow, I can use this alone on a daily basis and it gives a lovely neutral shade to the lid, covering any imperfections and giving a hint of colour. 

The other shade I have is 'Camel Coat', I actually purchased this one first out of the two, this is also a matte shade but a little darker than 'Painterly' and more on the brown side. I find myself reaching for this shade more over the other purely because I think it suits my skin tone better and I just generally enjoy wearing the colour more. Again this one could be worn alone or with eyeshadows, I think it looks gorgeous alone personally and this is my favourite way to wear it. 

I love the consistency of the paint pots, the lasting power is fantastic and I don't experience any creasing or problems throughout the day when I wear the product. I highly recommend these to anyone, and if you're on a budget take into consideration that the one pot will last you such a long time as you only need to use a small amount, there is a lot in there! 

What are your favourite eyeshadows?

05 October 2014

September Favourites

It's October! Halloween is nearly here! 
It has actually been such a long time since I posted a monthly favourites post, it feels great to actually  have a selection of products to share with you all. I hope I'm not posting this too late, we are already on the 5th of October, better late than never right?


04 October 2014

Mally Beauty Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Mally Beauty is a brand that I only know of and have tried because of QVC, the only stockist here in the UK which saddens me slightly but it is great that we can access the American brand somehow. Mally is the most beautiful American Makeup Artist who sells an incredible range of products, one of my particular favourites being her volumising mascara (trust me girls it does what the name says!)

A few weeks ago I picked up a few bits from QVC including a set of her mini liquid lipsticks, the name made me think they could be similar to the ever so famous Rimmel Apocalips. I was drawn in by the great price and the fact that they're mini versions, I like to try before I buy!

The set includes four beautiful colours, all of which I can wear comfortably, annoyingly they don't have names, I'm not sure if thats because they are limited editions for this set or because they are minis. Anyhow, the colours in the set include a baby pink nude, a bright orange, gorgeous hot pink and a mauve. 

I have found these to work great either just on their own for a more sheer hint of colour or by layering them on top of a lipstick gives a beautiful finish. The baby pink works lovely with the Natural Collection lipstick in Marshmallow and the mauve looks gorgeous over the top of Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink. The consistency of the product is just right, not sticky like cheap lipgloss but also not too glossy.

Have you tried any products by Mally?

02 October 2014

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover

Since I've started wearing waterproof mascara after discovering that it really does keep your eyelashes curled all day, I've needed to invest in eye makeup remover! This isn't something I used to use purely because my everyday cleanser was strong enough to remove general mascara, however it doesn't quite remove waterproof. So off to Boots I went on a hunt for an eye makeup remover, one that would remove stubborn mascara and every trace of it. 

I ended up going for the new Garnier Express 1 in 1, mainly because it was purple and it was half price! I love the 'shake to activate' concept of this and although you'd expect this to be a greasy, oily product it's definitely not. I've always been very put off by eye makeup removers purely because of the nasty texture they can have, and the feeling they can leave on the skin. This one however is really great, it removes every trace of my eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and awake. 

How I use this product totally depends on how I'm feeling that day and how much time I have, some evenings I like to use two damp cotton pads, disperse a little product and place them onto my eyes for a few minutes, this is dfintely something I do when I have more time or need to chill out a little. On a day to day basis I tend to just grab some of the product on my fingertips and gentle massage the eye area to break down the makeup, it works fine and saves on cotton pads! 

Since purchasing this I've used over three quarters and I will definitely be going back to repurchase whether it's on offer or not, I may try something different too but I highly recommend this product to any of you looking for something similar. 

Whats your favourite eye makeup remover?
Alice May Snell