13 July 2014

This week..

Hey lovelies! Is anyone else in the UK loving the beautiful warm weather we've had recently, it has been so so nice. Seeing all of the summery clothes and lovely colours in the shops is making me feel like I need a holiday, unfortunately I have nothing booked this year but if the weather stays nice it'll be mice to go away for a weekend or something.

Last week I was doing a little eBay snooping and came across a selection of gorgeous pastel iPhone cases, you can never have too many cases right? I've been really loving the pastel mint colour that has made quite an appearance recently, I have a top in the same colour which is also beautiful.

I also popped into my local Cosmetic Company Store, one of the best places ever if you catch it at the right time. Some days there can be hundreds of amazing products, for example I once picked up the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, bronzer, blush etc, all at a discounted price, bearing in mind that these products are available in department stores full price. Sometimes however the shop isn't that great and it can have only rubbish products or the shades customers don't want to buy. They did however have the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose!

I've had a serious obsession with Snack-A-Jacks this week, the jumbo caramel ones have been constantly on my shopping list. They're not massively bad for you either which makes me feel a bit better when I'm always buying them. On a healthy note I've been making myself a yummy breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and granola each morning, I've seen a lot of people make this and thought I'd give it a go. I've struggled to actually find some granola that has no nuts in but I eventually did and it's so yummy. I have been loving strawberries and raspberries with vanilla yoghurt. Try it if you haven't already as it's such a yummy and easy way to add fruit into your diet and is so easy to make. It's definitely better for me than the bowl of Krave I used to have.

As for my YouTube channel I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time and loveliness to leave me a comment, like a video or subscribe. This week I hit 2,000 subscribers which was such an amazing surprise, I started my channel just for fun, as something to fill the free time I had and it's turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. It took a long time to pluck up the courage to actually upload my first video but now it's so easy and feels so comfortable to do so. I just am so grateful for the lovely response and feedback I get from everyone. 

I'd really like to do a Q&A post or video so if you'd like to ask me something ensure you're following my Twitter and Instagram for all the information and for my upcoming giveaway!

What have you all been up to lately? I need updating.

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Alice May Snell