20 July 2014

The Most Beautiful Packaging

Last week I paid a visit to my local Marks & Spencer store, it's not usually a shop I venture into but as I hadn't been to my local town in a few months I thought I'd pay the shop a visit. Unfortunately my local doesn't have a large makeup section like I've seen in many of their stores however they do have a very little department that sells items such as bathroom essentials and skincare products. 

It was only when I approached the bath care section that I noticed these beautiful products, I'm not usually one to buy a product primarily based on the packaging but this time, I caved. I am totally in love with the shabby chic style at the moment, I recently had my room and bathroom re decorated in this kind of style and any products I see that resemble this just have to come home with me. 

So onto what I found, the brand itself is called 'La Maison De Senteurs' and I picked up a hand wash, body wash and bath cream from this beautiful line for my bathroom, I don't usually have baths as I prefer showers but I picked up the bath cream just for show! Now you're probably thinking come on, the packaging can't be that lovely, well take a look...

I am absolutely in love with the colours and the way these products have been designed so beautifully, yet they really are quite simple designs. I love the small hanging chalk heart on the bath cream and just the fonts that have been used are so pretty and delicate. I have so far tried out the hand wash and body wash which by the way, smell as amazing as they look. I find buying shower products quite the task, with such sensitive skin I find the majority of products irritate me or just don't work on my skin. However I've been really enjoying the body wash and I haven't experienced any type of irritation through using it which is a great success! These products tick all of the boxes for me.

Have you ever tried any products from Marks & Spencer?
Alice May Snell