15 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

Summer is here ladies! After a cheeky trip to my local Cosmetic Company Store I was super excited to find that they had the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks for sale, at a reduced price of £18! Which considering they retail at £30/32 was a pretty good deal. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a while yet when approached with the colour selection, it was so difficult to choose. In the end I picked Bronze, just because we're in Summer and it's the look I have been loving recently, rather than a flushed pink look which the majority of the other shimmer bricks offered. 

The Shimmer Brick is encased in the beautiful classic Bobbi Brown packaging, sleek black with white writing. There is however one downside to the packaging in the fact that the lid only opens up half way, meaning the mirror is at an awkward angle I therefore find myself not really using the mirror that is included. Maybe there is a genuine reason for this packaging style but in my eyes I just feel as though I'm going to break it every time I open it too wide! 

The shade Bronze is so beautiful and definitely my kind of colours. I love how warm and cosy the colours make me feel just when looking at them! I would tell you which strip of colour is my favourite but I honestly cannot pick as they are all incredible. 

I love to use the shimmer brick on a daily basis, it has multiple uses making it so worth the money and it has become a product I would definitely re purchase or pay the full price for if I didn't already have it, I urge you to add this to your wish lists! Firstly I love to just swirl my Real Techniques Blush Brush in the product and give myself a beautiful bronze glow on the cheeks and temples, just rising to the top of the forehead. Another way I use this is as eyeshadows, I've been loving the shade next to the white as an all over everyday lid colour, over the top of my Painterly paint pot by MAC it looks gorgeous and lasts me all day. The shimmer brick can be used in so many ways, I've used the white strip as an inner corner highlight on the eye and as a cheek bone highlight which also looks amazing. 

I am so in love with this product, the versatility of it, the use I've got when I've only had it over a month and just the formula and consistency of the product is beautiful. You really can grab a bargain these days and the drugstore do offer some amazing dupes for this but if you really want to treat yourself and be happy with a purchase for a long time, this is something you need to own! 

Have you ever been tempted by the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick?
Alice May Snell