23 April 2014

Louise Young Brushes

Ooh new brushes, I seem to have bought so many new brushes already this year! Within the college I work at, the beauty department were having a makeup training session held by the lovely Louise Young. I managed to make a cheeky trip over to the beauty department whilst the session was taking place to have a little look at the work Louise does, and make a few purchases from the retail stand. 

I think it was my lucky day because the brushes were on an extremely amazing offer, normally they retail between something like £9.00 up to £36.00 but because there had been problems with the batch of brushes on the stand, Louise was selling them all off for under £10 each. I managed to get myself five brushes that cost me around £25 altogether, an absolute bargain and in my opinion the brushes are fine apart from a couple of the handles are a little wobbly - even one of my MAC brushes has a wobbly handle and that was over £15.00. 

LY37 Brow Brush £9.00 - Initially I didn't pick this brush up to use for my brows, I thought it would be a good eyeliner brush as it's small, precise and pretty flexible. However after giving it a go on my brows I've actually started to like it more than the MAC 266, pretty impressive as I love that brush to death for brows. I like how small and precise the LY37 is, it works perfectly with my Benefit brow zings. 

LY19 Taklon Concealer £11.00 - I love trying new concealer brushes and this one is quite different to any I've tried before which is really nice as I am yet to have anything similar in my brush collection. It's a great size and works nicely to gently pat concealer in around the eye area.

LY18 Eyeshadow Sable 1 £11.00 - I couldn't make a brush purchase without picking up an eyeshadow one to try, this brush reminds me a little of the MAC 239 brush as it's a small, flat brush that works really well to pack eyeshadow onto the lid, it also makes a great size and shape for the brow bone highlighting as it's small and dense. 

LY38B Tapered Shadow Brush £15.00 - This brush would be perfect if it was a little bigger, although it is super soft and perfect for blending however I find it takes a little while to work effectively as you can only cover a small area at a time. 

LY41 - I'm not entirely sure what this face brush is called or how much it retails at, however I've been using it for my bronzer and for contouring, it has quite a flat edge to it which allows you to contour the cheek bones really well but it also works for bronzer and would work with face powder too! 

Have you tried anything by Louise Young?

Alice May Snell