28 March 2014

Natural Collection Lip Lines

I think I've discovered one of my new favourite drugstore products, I'm not usually one to use lip liners and these are actually the first ones I've ever owned. Natural Collection do makeup well, I love their single eyeshadows and they have some beautiful blushes.

When having a cheeky look around Boots a little while ago, I spotted these lip liners hiding at the top of the Natural Collection stand, I'd never really noticed them before but I'm pretty sure they aren't new. I picked up the two colours I liked the look of, of course one being pink and I also picked a nude shade as I feel it would be such a great colour lip liner to have. Unfortunately the selection of colours in the range isn't that great, I believe there were only five shades altogether including the two I purchased which makes it a little frustrating as the pink shade doesn't match every lipstick I have. I would actually say that 'Ruby Rose' which is the pink shade is quite red toned, therefore it would work with a red lip or pink toned red lip.

As for the other shade I picked up, 'Almond' is quite a dark beige with a slight hint of orange, it works really well with my Rimmel Kate Moss no. 16 lipstick, I also found it to look nice with the L'Oreal Collection Privee in Cheryl's nude. I do find this shade to be a little on the orange side but it does work with a little blending and a light hand. On first application I was a little worried that the pencils were too hard and didn't apply as well as I'd hoped but after using a couple of times and giving them a good go on my hand first of all they're actually super creamy and blend really nicely. 

I've discovered how much of a difference applying a lip liner makes to how lipstick looks and how well it lasts, I find my lipstick always smudges off or looks messy after a few hours but if I've applied one of these before it seems to be lasting so much better and for a whole lot longer.

Overall I love this product, the two shades I have are lovely and I'll definitely be having a look into the other shades in the range, and also picking up more lip liners from other brands! They make such a difference and I really do recommend these to anyone who is yet to try lip liners or these particular ones.
Alice May Snell