05 March 2014

Crown Brush Haul

I am a sucker for makeup brushes, I love to try new brands and discover new brushes, they do say you can't do a job properly without good tools and I do agree, the better makeup brushes the better the results. However you don't have to spend a fortune to get good quality brushes.

I've heard a lot about Crown Brush, especially their available mac dupes so when I discovered the brand at the professional beauty show, I knew I'd be coming away with something. I did however see that everyone was was very excited to see the brand and make a purchase, making it a very uncomfortable and squashed experience just to buy a few makeup brushes. Now that I'm back home and I've had chance to try the ones I purchased out, I can see why they are so hyped and loved. 

I picked up four brushes after looking through hundreds of different types, shapes and sizes. I had a good idea of what I wanted before heading over so I knew what I was looking for, luckily they had all of the brushes I wanted still available. 

The first brush is the Contour Brush which reminds me a lot of the one by mac which is something like £23?! The Crown Brush version cost me £8 and it is amazing, I cannot believe how good it is and contouring is now so easy to do and looks insanely good. The bristles are super soft and the shape of the brush is beautiful. The only downside to it is the fact that its white therefore it has ended up brown from using it!

I was on the hunt for a flat top brush to use for my concealer around my eyes, I like to use the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush normally but I've seen a lot of people using flat top brushes and it looks so flawless. I found the C455 at a beautiful price of £5 which is a small flat topped brush perfect for getting into smaller areas and buffing concealer into the skin. 

Onto eye brushes, I picked up the pro blending fluff which is identical to the mac 217, it is so similar in size, shape and the two even feel the same. If you are considering the mac 217 I'd say save yourselves some money and get the Crown Brush version because at £6 you literally can't go wrong. I also picked up the pointed crease brush which was £5, I believe it is similar to another mac brush, however I'm not sure which one! I have needed a nice fluffy, clean blending brush in my collection but just haven't found anything apart from the mac one. This brush is brilliant at blending out eyeshadow, leaving completely seamless beautifully blended colours with no harsh lines.

I am so pleased with all of the brushes I purchased and I'll definitely be ordering more from their website in the future. I didn't actually believe they would be this good as they're pretty inexpensive but they are amazing and I recommend them to anyone and everyone whether you're a beginner or experienced in makeup.

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush?
Alice May Snell