11 March 2014

Beauty Storage Ideas

Last week I popped into TK MAXX and whilst having a cheeky shop and picking up a few new bits in the home section I spotted some extremely cute glass jars that I'd seen in Zoella's home haul video. I was really surprised to still see the jars in stores and instantly knew I had to buy them! The jars are see through glass with a very cute heart shape moulded in the front, with a silver screw top lid. There were only two left on the shelves and I assume they had more sizes previously but all that was left was a small, shallow sized jar and a larger taller jar. 

When I got home after purchasing these, I wasn't really sure what I was going to put inside, they looked so pretty just on my vanity yet they had no purpose. Then it popped into my head that I had no where to store beauty essentials cotton pads and cotton buds in my bathroom. These are items I reach for every day and having them stuffed in the cupboard in packets just isn't convenient. I decided to dedicate the smaller jar to cotton buds and the larger jar to cotton pads as I seem to go through these more quickly. I think they look super cute and they match my bathroom so nicely with the silver lids and the fact that the contents are white. 

I believe the smaller jar was £3.99 and the larger jar £5.99 but these could be a pound or two out, I can't really remember but they were definitely very inexpensive however I'm not sure whether they will still be available. Every TK MAXX is different and has new things every day so be sure to go and check out your local! 

How do you store your beauty essentials?
Alice May Snell