28 March 2014

Natural Collection Lip Lines

I think I've discovered one of my new favourite drugstore products, I'm not usually one to use lip liners and these are actually the first ones I've ever owned. Natural Collection do makeup well, I love their single eyeshadows and they have some beautiful blushes.

When having a cheeky look around Boots a little while ago, I spotted these lip liners hiding at the top of the Natural Collection stand, I'd never really noticed them before but I'm pretty sure they aren't new. I picked up the two colours I liked the look of, of course one being pink and I also picked a nude shade as I feel it would be such a great colour lip liner to have. Unfortunately the selection of colours in the range isn't that great, I believe there were only five shades altogether including the two I purchased which makes it a little frustrating as the pink shade doesn't match every lipstick I have. I would actually say that 'Ruby Rose' which is the pink shade is quite red toned, therefore it would work with a red lip or pink toned red lip.

As for the other shade I picked up, 'Almond' is quite a dark beige with a slight hint of orange, it works really well with my Rimmel Kate Moss no. 16 lipstick, I also found it to look nice with the L'Oreal Collection Privee in Cheryl's nude. I do find this shade to be a little on the orange side but it does work with a little blending and a light hand. On first application I was a little worried that the pencils were too hard and didn't apply as well as I'd hoped but after using a couple of times and giving them a good go on my hand first of all they're actually super creamy and blend really nicely. 

I've discovered how much of a difference applying a lip liner makes to how lipstick looks and how well it lasts, I find my lipstick always smudges off or looks messy after a few hours but if I've applied one of these before it seems to be lasting so much better and for a whole lot longer.

Overall I love this product, the two shades I have are lovely and I'll definitely be having a look into the other shades in the range, and also picking up more lip liners from other brands! They make such a difference and I really do recommend these to anyone who is yet to try lip liners or these particular ones.

26 March 2014

March Wishlist

Hello my lovelies and apologies for the lateness of this months wish list, I've been so super busy with my new job that I've found myself to have very minimal free time for blogging, as terrible as it sounds! I've really missed reading through my bloglovin' feed whenever I want and being able to take photographs in the lovely morning light. 

There are so many things I've been lusting over recently, some new things and others just ones I keep hearing about. I have managed to put together my top few things I really want to try for you guys to see, don't forget to let me know what you're lusting over this month!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long £4.99 - I'm pretty bad with treating my hair well, I am forever forgetting to apply heat protectant and I find myself in too much of a rush to apply hair masks. This product stood out to be because of the three minute part, the fact that it only takes three minutes just makes me want to try it so badly as it will suit me so well. I've also heard so many great things about this product and I used to have big love for the brand.

Sleek Eyebrow Stylist £5.99 - I am forever trying new eyebrow products, there seems to be a new brow product on the market every week at the minute which is pretty exciting but not so great for my bank account. I really love the shape of this product and that it's all in one, I hate it when eyebrow pencils don't include a spooly as it's such an essential and I feel lost without one when doing my brows! I'm not too sure what shade I would go for in this but I believe it comes in light/medium/dark.

Essie Nail Polish 'Play Date' £7.99 - I can't get enough of the beautiful spring colours I am seeing lately, this polish is just beautiful and is definitely my type of colour. Essie nail polishes are always brilliant, they're a little more expensive than other drugstore brands but I think you can really tell they are better quality and I don't mind spending a little more on something to get my monies worth. I love how opaque Essie polishes always are and how long they last, very on par with OPI which are a little more expensive.

Revlon PhotoReady SkinLights £11.99 - Highlighters tend to excite me, I love a good highlight on the top of the cheek bones it can really bring a look together and adds such a beautiful glow to the skin. Apart from the Benefit highlighters I've not really tried many liquid or cream ones, this one looks super interesting and is a great price for the amount of product you receive. I'm not too sure on what shade I'd go for, probably one of the lighter shades and perhaps with a slightly pink tone as that seems to be what suits my skin tone the best.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash £6.50 - This product gets so much love and hype that I just can't believe I am yet to try it, I can imagine it smells divine just by the name. I'm not usually a big Soap & Glory person, I've only tried a couple of their products but this just interests me way more than it should. The only concern I have with trying this is that it obviously has quite a heavy scent to it therefore it could cause me to react as I have pretty sensitive skin, but I suppose you'll never know till you try!

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer £10.00 - Oh look another Soap & Glory product, this is strange! I also keep hearing amazing things about this product and how it is similar to the Laura Mercier concealer product (I think that's the one!) so I am desperate to try this, I love the idea of the two different tones of concealer as I seem to have such awful dark circles these days I definitely need something strong to counteract! I am obsessed with my Bare Minerals well rested powder for under my eyes as it's just what I've always used and works so well, but I hear so many good things about the powder included in this product that I really want to try it as its such a good price and so compact.

H&M Woven Powder Pink Blouse £14.99 - Since starting a new job I've had to invest in a whole new wardrobe of smart clothes, not in the way of suits and pencil skirts but definitely pretty blouses and smart tops. I like to wear skinny black trousers with a nice blouse and dolly shoes or I'll wear a nice top with a plain cardigan. This shirt is exactly like what I would wear except I haven't seen it in stores yet so I think it could be new or maybe an online exclusive. It is gorgeous and the colour just says spring all over.

Are you lusting over any of the same products? 

11 March 2014

Beauty Storage Ideas

Last week I popped into TK MAXX and whilst having a cheeky shop and picking up a few new bits in the home section I spotted some extremely cute glass jars that I'd seen in Zoella's home haul video. I was really surprised to still see the jars in stores and instantly knew I had to buy them! The jars are see through glass with a very cute heart shape moulded in the front, with a silver screw top lid. There were only two left on the shelves and I assume they had more sizes previously but all that was left was a small, shallow sized jar and a larger taller jar. 

When I got home after purchasing these, I wasn't really sure what I was going to put inside, they looked so pretty just on my vanity yet they had no purpose. Then it popped into my head that I had no where to store beauty essentials cotton pads and cotton buds in my bathroom. These are items I reach for every day and having them stuffed in the cupboard in packets just isn't convenient. I decided to dedicate the smaller jar to cotton buds and the larger jar to cotton pads as I seem to go through these more quickly. I think they look super cute and they match my bathroom so nicely with the silver lids and the fact that the contents are white. 

I believe the smaller jar was £3.99 and the larger jar £5.99 but these could be a pound or two out, I can't really remember but they were definitely very inexpensive however I'm not sure whether they will still be available. Every TK MAXX is different and has new things every day so be sure to go and check out your local! 

How do you store your beauty essentials?

08 March 2014

MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick

Not long ago I treated myself to another MAC lipstick, something that I don't normally do. I only have one of their lipsticks which I absolutely love to death, so I thought I'd add another to my small collection. Now if you've ever been faced with the MAC lipstick shelves you'll understand how overwhelming it can be to pick a colour, there are so many different formula's and colours to choose from. I'm a pink girl and I kind of stupidly ended up buying a colour that's pretty similar to the one I already had, but hey ho I loved it.
The formula I went for is a cremesheen, it's the only one I've tried and I really like it so I figured it was the best way to go. The colour is called 'hot gossip' which I think is such a great name, I love it and it kind of drew me in to buying the colour even more. The packaging of MAC lipsticks is so simple yet so beautiful, I'd love to have more just so I could line them up! 

If you read my post on the speed dial lipstick you'll see that they are pretty similar in colour, speed dial is more of a hot, blue toned pink whereas this is more of a deep pink. It's a beautiful colour and I'm so glad I have it in my collection, it's just a shame it's so close to the colour I already had! I am seriously obsessed with the formulation of lipstick, I want to go back and buy more as they're so lovely and so luxurious, they last such a long time on me and the colour pay off is incredible. £15.00 is a lot for just a lipstick, but if you think how long it will last and if you really love the colour, I don't think it's so bad, you've gotta treat yourself now and then!
What MAC lipsticks have you tried?

05 March 2014

Crown Brush Haul

I am a sucker for makeup brushes, I love to try new brands and discover new brushes, they do say you can't do a job properly without good tools and I do agree, the better makeup brushes the better the results. However you don't have to spend a fortune to get good quality brushes.

I've heard a lot about Crown Brush, especially their available mac dupes so when I discovered the brand at the professional beauty show, I knew I'd be coming away with something. I did however see that everyone was was very excited to see the brand and make a purchase, making it a very uncomfortable and squashed experience just to buy a few makeup brushes. Now that I'm back home and I've had chance to try the ones I purchased out, I can see why they are so hyped and loved. 

I picked up four brushes after looking through hundreds of different types, shapes and sizes. I had a good idea of what I wanted before heading over so I knew what I was looking for, luckily they had all of the brushes I wanted still available. 

The first brush is the Contour Brush which reminds me a lot of the one by mac which is something like £23?! The Crown Brush version cost me £8 and it is amazing, I cannot believe how good it is and contouring is now so easy to do and looks insanely good. The bristles are super soft and the shape of the brush is beautiful. The only downside to it is the fact that its white therefore it has ended up brown from using it!

I was on the hunt for a flat top brush to use for my concealer around my eyes, I like to use the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush normally but I've seen a lot of people using flat top brushes and it looks so flawless. I found the C455 at a beautiful price of £5 which is a small flat topped brush perfect for getting into smaller areas and buffing concealer into the skin. 

Onto eye brushes, I picked up the pro blending fluff which is identical to the mac 217, it is so similar in size, shape and the two even feel the same. If you are considering the mac 217 I'd say save yourselves some money and get the Crown Brush version because at £6 you literally can't go wrong. I also picked up the pointed crease brush which was £5, I believe it is similar to another mac brush, however I'm not sure which one! I have needed a nice fluffy, clean blending brush in my collection but just haven't found anything apart from the mac one. This brush is brilliant at blending out eyeshadow, leaving completely seamless beautifully blended colours with no harsh lines.

I am so pleased with all of the brushes I purchased and I'll definitely be ordering more from their website in the future. I didn't actually believe they would be this good as they're pretty inexpensive but they are amazing and I recommend them to anyone and everyone whether you're a beginner or experienced in makeup.

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush?
Alice May Snell