14 February 2014

Review | Maybelline Master Precise Felt Tip Liner

These past few weeks, I've become more of a winged eyeliner girl, usually I stick a bit of pencil liner on my waterline, smudge it into my lash line and I'm ready to go, but I actually have really been enjoying the basic winged liner look. It's such an elegant way to wear your eye makeup, so simple but classy and very easy to do with the right tools and a steady hand! 
I came to a point where my felt tip skinny liner from Eyeko had come to the end of it's days, which was such a shame as it was a great product and worked wonders, making eyeliner application easy peasy. So as you do, I went off on the hunt for a new felt tip style liner as I've always found these the easiest rather than gel or a standard liquid eyeliner. I was faced with so many different brands in Boots offering felt tip liners that I literally couldn't choose, I hadn't had chance to read up on some reviews so I had no idea what was good and what was rubbish. 
In the end I picked up Maybelline's offering, the 'Master Precise felt tip liner' in the shade black, of course. This one stood out to me because of its very slim nib which looked flimsy and soft but not bendy and unreliable. I even used my Boots advantage card points to make this purchase! 

I really like the packaging of this product, in particular the font that has been used which sounds super geeky but it just looks really nice and suits the product well. Anyway, as you can see the nib is super fine which I find really useful when applying the product to the inner half of my eye, it allows you to create a nice thin line when you want to and build it up to the desired thickness.

When I first got this eyeliner and swatched it on my hand, it looked very pigmented, very black and was gliding across my skin so effortlessly, however on the eye it's a little different. I've found this quite hard to use as I feel as though it's running out half way through application, it just isn't wet or liquidy enough to create a beautiful seamless wing or even a line. I've tried storing the product facing downwards, upwards and all sorts to see if it helps, maybe I got a bad batch or something but this definitely isn't the eyeliner I'll be reaching for from my collection. If you don't mind the lack of pigmentation then maybe you'd enjoy this eyeliner however I like to be able to quickly create an intense black line or wing without the product dragging on my eye area, which sadly this one does. 

As for wear time on this product, I wouldn't say its that great, I found that if I was to flick the liner out at the corners it would be smudged nearing the end of the day, which looks a bit of a mess! Also on the very inner corner it also bleeds up onto the eyelid where you don't really want it, but I guess this is also down to where you're applying the product, how thick and also your personal self! 

Sadly, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this product, which is a shame as Maybelline is normally such a great drugstore/high street brand, sorry Maybelline! I'm thinking of picking up the L'Oreal super liner as I hear so many great things, if you've tried this one let me know if it's good in the comments!

Whats the best liquid eyeliner you've tried?
Alice May Snell