09 February 2014

Review | MAC Speed Dial Lipstick

Hello lovelies, can you remember the first MAC lipstick you purchased? I certainly can, and it's a favourite of mine from my entire collection. It's true what people say, MAC lipsticks really are amazing, and I understand the hype they receive, yes they're £15.00 but it's good to treat yourselves once in a while! 
The first lipstick I purchased from the brand is 'Speed Dial' which before entering the shop, I hadn't seen much of which made me wonder was it a colour no one liked? Or simply just not as well known.  I'm a bit of a pinky girl, I much prefer it to reds and oranges, not sure why maybe because pink is my favourite colour and I feel it suits my skin tone and hair colour the nicest. Therefore of course this lipstick is a pink one! 

Before purchasing this lipstick, I was pretty unaware of the different formulations the company sell, obviously it is quite obvious what each one indicates but there are so many different ones! I found this colour in the Cremesheen section which seemed to have the most colours and I love it.  The formulation is as the name suggests a creamy texture, which looks so lovely once applied, kind of like a milky texture and very opaque. 
Onto the colour, which is more of a hot pink than an everyday nude pink, but I like to be adventurous! At first I was a little unsure as I thought the colour was too bright but after a few times of wear it really grew on me and has become one of my favourite lipsticks, I find myself running to it all the time now and I need more MAC lipsticks in my collection!
Have you tried this lipstick? What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
Alice May Snell