21 February 2014

Review | Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Cosmetics are one of my favourite makeup brands, just their packaging makes me want to buy everything on the counter and when I found out they were releasing a new brow product I was straight there. I love their Brow Zings and High Brow products so I instantly wanted to try Gimme Brow.  Anything new for eyebrows just seems to fascinate me, I love filling in my brows and finding new ways to do so, new products and colours! When I first saw the super cute packaging of this product I knew I'd love it. 

Gimme brow is a volumising brow product that is available in two different shades 'light/medium' and 'medium/deep' ideally one shade for lighter hair and one shade for darker hair. I've tried brow setting gels in the past but never a product like this, the idea is that the product inside clings onto every little hair and even the skin beneath, the fibres in the formula create thicker, volumised hairs whilst adding colour and definition to the brows. 

The product comes in a small tube containing 3g of product, the colour of the packaging indicates the colour inside. With a tiny little brush inside that is the perfect size for the eyebrows meaning you can really pick up every tiny hair without making a complete mess. The brush also has just enough product to fill each eyebrow also the consistency is great, it doesn't run all over the place instead it is just thick enough to be workable and to stay in place. I have found my brows stay perfect all day long when using this, sometimes I will use it alone and others I will add a little powder before applying this. I don't feel the need to completely fill my brows in as usual with this, I'm totally happy with the effect it gives alone.

Personally the darker shade is best for me, it matches really well with my hair colour  and really defines my eyebrows to the colour I love. I could definitely still use the lighter shade and work with it, I've found it to work well over the top of my eyeshadow or brow pencil, it adds a nice highlighted effect and makes the brows look more natural and not so flat being one colour. 
I am so super impressed with this, normally I fill my eyebrows in with powder or pencil which can be so tricky to get right, one brow can be a completely different shape to the other. However with this it makes it so easy, just follow the natural shape to your eyebrow picking up the hairs on the way, it is so simple yet so effective. I was very surprised and impressed with how well this product filled my brows in, it really fills in the sparse gaps and allows the hairs to look so full and thick. 
Gimme Brow is available from Benefit counters starting the 1st March and will retail at £17.50, a pretty good price for such a brilliant product. 
Will you be buying this?
Alice May Snell