13 February 2014

Review | Benefit Cosmetics 'Lollitint' Lip & Cheek Stain

Just writing the title of this post excites me, I got my hands on the new Benefit Cosmetics Lolltint last week and I just can't get enough of it so far. The brand has been a favourite of mine for a good while now, their packaging lures me over to the counter and the majority of their products fail to disappoint. 

Lollitint is one of their signature lip & cheek stains, with three other colours already available and owning these already, I didn't think I would want or need the new shade, I was very wrong! The product is designed so that it can be used on both your lips and your cheeks, with a very thin and liquid texture allowing product application very simple and effortless. 

Of course I give Benefit a massive thumbs up for the packaging, even the box is beautiful but still  very simple and chic. It is super cute with the bottle and box being covered in lollipops and little dots. First impressions of this and you're probably thinking its a nail varnish, well that was my initial reaction when I first saw these little pots of joy. They are designed just like a Nails Inc nail polish with the same shape, size and design. The product even comes with a little brush to make application so much easier, without the brush things could get a little messy!

Benefit describe the product to be a 'candy orchid' lip & cheek stain, even the words candy orchid just make me want it without seeing it, its such a great description and really fits the product well. The tint is a candy pink colour with a very slight hint of purple, the tone you'd find in a lolly pop hence the name, but it isn't a scary colour, it's very wearable and would suit a wide variety of skin tones and hair colours. 

Please do ignore the beautiful scratch my cat decided to put on me, such a lovely pet I have. This is the application technique to apply the product, simply three swipes onto your cheeks and blend in with your fingers, or even a brush/sponge if you'd prefer. Be aware you have to work quickly with this product, I was a little too slow and when I went to blend the tint in, it had stained in three stripes, so be really careful and blend quickly into the skin! The staying power of this stain is insane, I really have to cleanse my face very well to ensure it is completely removed as I believe the stain was still on my skin slightly, this is great for when wearing it on the lips as it lasts hours and doesn't budge at all.

Overall I am in love with this product, the colour is so pretty and suits my skin tone really well. It looks super pretty on the skin without looking too false or barbie like, as some colours alike this one can be quite scary and too much, this however is perfect. This little product has made a great impression and I've found myself using it nearly everyday, on both my cheeks and lips because I just love the colour, it is a very me shade of pink. 
Will you be buying Benefit Lollitint?
Alice May Snell