27 February 2014

Getting Organised | Blogging & YouTube

Hello everyone, I thought I would do another chatty type post today about getting organised, telling you my little tips and tricks that I use or things I do daily to keep myself on track. I am a pretty organised person, I get things done and tend to be early for events or work and I am a big list maker. Writing a blog has made me a more organised person and I am thankful for that, it means my life is a lot more on track and I get more things done than I used to. 

Since writing a blog I've invested in this wonderful thing called a notebook, inside this little wonderful book I write everything I need to, whether it be a blog post idea, things I need to buy or just general day to day lists. This is my number one way of keeping organised and on track when writing a blog, a way of being consistent and posting your content on the right days, knowing what posts you have coming up within the next week. It's good to know whats going on with your blog.

I write all sorts of things down, I have a monthly schedule for both my blog and youtube channel where I have a slot for every day of the month and on each day I write what post/video will be going live. I will check my notebook every day to check I've done the right things and that the correct items have gone live and check them off, if not I will move them to a new day, simple! 

I also like to write wish lists, something I used to and still do on my iPhone. If I'm watching a video and someone is recommending an awesome product, I guarantee I will want to try it so I write it down onto my wish list and tick it off once I've purchased it. As you can see, I'm yet to purchase many of the items I'm wishing for. 

The notes app on your iPhone or other smartphone can be your best friend, I have list after list stored on there whether its what I need to buy for the weekly shop or a new blogger I want to follow/check out. It's great because my notes sync with my macbook so when I get home I can read my notes on there and follow up the things from earlier in the day. 

Another very useful list I have is what photographs I have to take, it's all well and good taking photographs and having them stored on your memory card or computer but I am always forgetting what I have and haven't photographed. Keeping a list of this allows me to buy a product, put it away but write it down so I know that I need to take photographs of it for my blog. Again I can tick these off once I've done the task.

I think keeping something like this is essential for any blogger who wants to be organised and to keep their blog organised too. I'm also quite a big scheduler on blogger, when I'm really in the mood to write a few posts I will do so, check the dates in my notebook and schedule them ready for posting. This means I can actually have a few days off from blogging and still have posts going live as I will of prepared them in advance. Great tip there :)

How do you keep organised?
Alice May Snell