28 February 2014

New Skincare Love

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to my skincare routine, I don't like to try too many new products due to having very sensitive skin. The thought of trying something different from my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish terrifies me! Recently I've been having a bit of a love hate relationship with the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator, a product that has been in my skincare routine for a good while and I haven't felt the need to move on to something different, until now. 

My skin has been tight, dry and dehydrated over the past few weeks due to several factors, one being the horrible UK weather. I've been really struggling with my skin and decided to put the exfoliator down and try something different. I've had the St Ives Daily Microdermabrasion in my collection for over a year, I used it once and it was thrown in the back of the cupboards like most other things. I grabbed this and thought Id give it another go, oh my, I don't know why I didn't fall in love before.

The St Ives Daily Microdermabrasion contains tiny mineral crystals that exfoliate deeper into the skin leaving you with a baby soft face. The consistency is pretty thick and a little goes a long way, use too much and you'll end up with crystals everywhere. I tend to mix the product with a little water to make it go that bit further and to turn it into more of a scrub texture rather than just a gel.

I am super impressed by this product and it's become part of my skincare routine, I will use it once a week or more if needed, I love how gentle it is on my sensitive skin but it is still extremely effective and fights off any dry, flaky skin I may be suffering from. 

Have you tried any St Ives products?

27 February 2014

Getting Organised | Blogging & YouTube

Hello everyone, I thought I would do another chatty type post today about getting organised, telling you my little tips and tricks that I use or things I do daily to keep myself on track. I am a pretty organised person, I get things done and tend to be early for events or work and I am a big list maker. Writing a blog has made me a more organised person and I am thankful for that, it means my life is a lot more on track and I get more things done than I used to. 

Since writing a blog I've invested in this wonderful thing called a notebook, inside this little wonderful book I write everything I need to, whether it be a blog post idea, things I need to buy or just general day to day lists. This is my number one way of keeping organised and on track when writing a blog, a way of being consistent and posting your content on the right days, knowing what posts you have coming up within the next week. It's good to know whats going on with your blog.

I write all sorts of things down, I have a monthly schedule for both my blog and youtube channel where I have a slot for every day of the month and on each day I write what post/video will be going live. I will check my notebook every day to check I've done the right things and that the correct items have gone live and check them off, if not I will move them to a new day, simple! 

I also like to write wish lists, something I used to and still do on my iPhone. If I'm watching a video and someone is recommending an awesome product, I guarantee I will want to try it so I write it down onto my wish list and tick it off once I've purchased it. As you can see, I'm yet to purchase many of the items I'm wishing for. 

The notes app on your iPhone or other smartphone can be your best friend, I have list after list stored on there whether its what I need to buy for the weekly shop or a new blogger I want to follow/check out. It's great because my notes sync with my macbook so when I get home I can read my notes on there and follow up the things from earlier in the day. 

Another very useful list I have is what photographs I have to take, it's all well and good taking photographs and having them stored on your memory card or computer but I am always forgetting what I have and haven't photographed. Keeping a list of this allows me to buy a product, put it away but write it down so I know that I need to take photographs of it for my blog. Again I can tick these off once I've done the task.

I think keeping something like this is essential for any blogger who wants to be organised and to keep their blog organised too. I'm also quite a big scheduler on blogger, when I'm really in the mood to write a few posts I will do so, check the dates in my notebook and schedule them ready for posting. This means I can actually have a few days off from blogging and still have posts going live as I will of prepared them in advance. Great tip there :)

How do you keep organised?

26 February 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+)

I have heard so many wonderful things about this brand in the past year or so, one product itself has really made a mark on a lot of people, now with a brand new formula of the product tried and tested it has made a mark on me too. Effaclar Duo (+)* is a treatment product for problems such as acne, breakouts, uneven skin tone and even imperfections such as scaring and redness. 

Now I haven't ever experienced bad skin shall we say, I've always been quite lucky through my teenage years to not experience many blemishes or problems with acne. I've suffered with eczema since I was a baby therefore I've always had very dry skin. However in the past month my hormones have gone way crazy what with changing pill types etc and it actually caused me to experience a little bit of comedonal acne, right bang on my huge forehead. As if it wasn't bad enough being big already?! When the company Escentual tweeted asking if anyone would like to test out a new treatment I jumped at the chance. 

I've been using this for over a week and a half and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin already, the texture is a lot smoother and the acne I had on my forehead has definitely disappeared quicker than it previously was (I am using an acne treatment from the doctors too). I've also found that the redness on my cheeks has softened down a lot, when I cleanse my face I don't see as much redness as I usually do, this product has definitely worked on my skin. I'm really happy with the results I am seeing so far, I was worried that the little acne bumps on my forehead would leave scarring but using this has put my mind at rest as the red marks are definitely fading quickly! 

The only concern I had with this is that it wasn't at all hydrating so my skin felt quite tight and dry after applying it, the product sinks into your skin instantly but I simply applied my usual moisturiser on top. I don't think the product is supposed to be a moisturiser anyway unless you have very very oily skin, it's more of a treatment product like a serum that you apply prior to your other skincare products. 

I haven't tried any products from the brand before or the previous formula of this particular product so I can't compare the two, but if you're looking for a treatment product to target any of the mentioned problems this is something you definitely need to try. 

This is a great product and retailing at just £15.50 from Escentual.com it's a complete bargain for the results you can achieve, with super cheap delivery too.

Have you tried any products from La Roche-Posay?

25 February 2014

A Trip To NYX Cosmetics

On Sunday I took a trip to London to attend the Professional Beauty show, an event hosting hundreds of different beauty brands offering discounts and offers whilst demonstrating their products. I love these types of events as you can always pick up a bargain, but it is always so super busy and packed. Prior to the event I was told on Twitter that NYX Cosmetics were going to be there, I jumped for joy at the thought and my trusty floor plan confirmed that the brand would be there and would be offering 20% off their products. Can you guess which stand I went to when I first arrived? 

I wasn't really sure which products to pick up, I've seen the milk jumbo eye pencil being used everywhere on YouTube so I felt I had to pop that in my basket costing a mere £4.00! I haven't tried this out yet as I think it will work best underneath brighter eyeshadows or as a highlighter, you will most likely see me feature it in a video or review very soon. 

Whilst being pushed and shoved around I managed to grab one of the butter glosses, which only certain shades were left because somehow the shelves had been raided before I got to them. I got the shade Vanilla Cream Pie and I'm actually really liking it, I have to use it over the top of a lipstick otherwise it doesn't show up on me but it's a really pretty pink with a slight coral tone to it. The formula of this is beautiful and I'm already planning which shades to order to add to my collection, I really recommend these and at £4.00 I couldn't really say no, I wish I'd have picked up a couple more shades. 

Lastly I popped over to the base makeup side of the counter, where I was looking for a concealer as I know people say NYX products are super good and being a concealer addict I thought I'd try one of theirs out. I managed to find the HD Photogenic Concealer, there were around 8 shades and whilst melting from the heat of all the people surrounding me, I found it so difficult to pick a shade. I actually went for the lightest shade, there was one tube left stuck at the back so I got my hand in and grabbed it quick, it only cost £4.50 so if the colour wasn't spot on it wouldn't of been too much of a problem. The next shade available was too pink toned so I just went for the lightest one, as I'm using it under my eyes and under neath my foundation it actually works fine, it could probably be a tad darker to match my skin tone perfectly but it still works. 

I am super pleased with my products and they were bargain prices too, I will definitely be getting my hands on more NYX products in the future and I will be posting reviews of these products once I've given them a good test run. 

Have you tried any products from NYX?

21 February 2014

Review | Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Cosmetics are one of my favourite makeup brands, just their packaging makes me want to buy everything on the counter and when I found out they were releasing a new brow product I was straight there. I love their Brow Zings and High Brow products so I instantly wanted to try Gimme Brow.  Anything new for eyebrows just seems to fascinate me, I love filling in my brows and finding new ways to do so, new products and colours! When I first saw the super cute packaging of this product I knew I'd love it. 

Gimme brow is a volumising brow product that is available in two different shades 'light/medium' and 'medium/deep' ideally one shade for lighter hair and one shade for darker hair. I've tried brow setting gels in the past but never a product like this, the idea is that the product inside clings onto every little hair and even the skin beneath, the fibres in the formula create thicker, volumised hairs whilst adding colour and definition to the brows. 

The product comes in a small tube containing 3g of product, the colour of the packaging indicates the colour inside. With a tiny little brush inside that is the perfect size for the eyebrows meaning you can really pick up every tiny hair without making a complete mess. The brush also has just enough product to fill each eyebrow also the consistency is great, it doesn't run all over the place instead it is just thick enough to be workable and to stay in place. I have found my brows stay perfect all day long when using this, sometimes I will use it alone and others I will add a little powder before applying this. I don't feel the need to completely fill my brows in as usual with this, I'm totally happy with the effect it gives alone.

Personally the darker shade is best for me, it matches really well with my hair colour  and really defines my eyebrows to the colour I love. I could definitely still use the lighter shade and work with it, I've found it to work well over the top of my eyeshadow or brow pencil, it adds a nice highlighted effect and makes the brows look more natural and not so flat being one colour. 
I am so super impressed with this, normally I fill my eyebrows in with powder or pencil which can be so tricky to get right, one brow can be a completely different shape to the other. However with this it makes it so easy, just follow the natural shape to your eyebrow picking up the hairs on the way, it is so simple yet so effective. I was very surprised and impressed with how well this product filled my brows in, it really fills in the sparse gaps and allows the hairs to look so full and thick. 
Gimme Brow is available from Benefit counters starting the 1st March and will retail at £17.50, a pretty good price for such a brilliant product. 
Will you be buying this?

16 February 2014

February Wishlist

It's that time of the month where I write my wish list! I only recently started this, I will be posting a new beauty wish list each month, a post I love to read and write. From last months wish list I managed to pick up two of the things on the list and I love both! This month I'm going to try to pick up more of the things I'm wishing for.

Sleek Blush 'Pomegranate' £4.99 - I've not tried any of the Sleek single blushes before even though I have heard so many good things about the little products I seriously need to get onto buying myself one or maybe two. The shade that I am lusting over is pomegranate, a beautiful pinky red tone that I just think is so beautiful.   For only £4.99 and available in Boots & Superdrug I have no idea why I am yet to pick these up and give them a try! 

Yankee Candle 'Strawberry Buttercream' £19.99 - Ooh a yankee candle, I love these jars of joy, so yummy and beautiful. Is it just me or does burning candles make you feel all warm and snuggly. I've seen this particular shade everywhere recently and after giving it a cheeky sniff it's safe to say it smells insanely good, quite sickly but so nice. I think I'm obsessed with yankee candles, since receiving two for christmas I just think they're amazing!

Charles Worthington Texturising Spray £6.99 - Oh look it's that pink can that everyone has been raving about ;) as this is apparently a dupe or even a better version than the Oribe texturising spray I have to try it! It's only £6.99 whereas the Oribe version is something like £38.00!? That's crazy. I love using volumising and texturising products in my hair because my hair is really quite flat due to it being pretty long! I can't wait to get my hands on this (if I can find it in stock anywhere) and give it a go, and review it for you guys :)

IndeedLabs Nanoblur £19.99 - I believe this product is an alternative to the Benefit Porefessional, as in that it does the same sort of job. I would like to try this on any fine lines/open pores I may have to see if it really works. Who doesn't want baby smooth looking skin with no problem areas at all?! I will try and grab this whilst its on offer in Boots as they go on a 1/3 off pretty regularly. 

Canon 50mm f1.8 Lens £89.00 - This isn't beauty related but I wanted to throw it in there, so I can get some advice from you guys! I've been looking at new lenses for a while, the problem is that I need something for both photography and videography which makes it a harder decision, I've seen so many good things about this lens and it's really cheap. I don't particularly want to spend over £300 on a lens. Have you tried this lens? Is it good?

L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision £6.49 - Ooh another eyeliner, since wearing liquid eyeliner nearly everyday now, I feel the need to find my perfect eyeliner. After the Maybelline felt tip not working out I'm on a mission, I remember using this one a few years ago and loved it, so I'll be picking it up to give it a try and forever hope it's amazing.

Which of these products have you tried? What's on your wish list this month?

14 February 2014

Review | Maybelline Master Precise Felt Tip Liner

These past few weeks, I've become more of a winged eyeliner girl, usually I stick a bit of pencil liner on my waterline, smudge it into my lash line and I'm ready to go, but I actually have really been enjoying the basic winged liner look. It's such an elegant way to wear your eye makeup, so simple but classy and very easy to do with the right tools and a steady hand! 
I came to a point where my felt tip skinny liner from Eyeko had come to the end of it's days, which was such a shame as it was a great product and worked wonders, making eyeliner application easy peasy. So as you do, I went off on the hunt for a new felt tip style liner as I've always found these the easiest rather than gel or a standard liquid eyeliner. I was faced with so many different brands in Boots offering felt tip liners that I literally couldn't choose, I hadn't had chance to read up on some reviews so I had no idea what was good and what was rubbish. 
In the end I picked up Maybelline's offering, the 'Master Precise felt tip liner' in the shade black, of course. This one stood out to me because of its very slim nib which looked flimsy and soft but not bendy and unreliable. I even used my Boots advantage card points to make this purchase! 


13 February 2014

Review | Benefit Cosmetics 'Lollitint' Lip & Cheek Stain

Just writing the title of this post excites me, I got my hands on the new Benefit Cosmetics Lolltint last week and I just can't get enough of it so far. The brand has been a favourite of mine for a good while now, their packaging lures me over to the counter and the majority of their products fail to disappoint. 

Lollitint is one of their signature lip & cheek stains, with three other colours already available and owning these already, I didn't think I would want or need the new shade, I was very wrong! The product is designed so that it can be used on both your lips and your cheeks, with a very thin and liquid texture allowing product application very simple and effortless. 


09 February 2014

Review | MAC Speed Dial Lipstick

Hello lovelies, can you remember the first MAC lipstick you purchased? I certainly can, and it's a favourite of mine from my entire collection. It's true what people say, MAC lipsticks really are amazing, and I understand the hype they receive, yes they're £15.00 but it's good to treat yourselves once in a while! 
The first lipstick I purchased from the brand is 'Speed Dial' which before entering the shop, I hadn't seen much of which made me wonder was it a colour no one liked? Or simply just not as well known.  I'm a bit of a pinky girl, I much prefer it to reds and oranges, not sure why maybe because pink is my favourite colour and I feel it suits my skin tone and hair colour the nicest. Therefore of course this lipstick is a pink one! 


08 February 2014

Review | L'Oreal Paris Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of a new favourite product included in my skincare routine, I don't usually use an eye makeup remover as my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish can do the job but recently I've been venturing into the world of eye makeup remover to remove every little scrap of makeup from my eyes. I've used one from Clarins and Decleor in the past which are pretty pricey brands in my opinion, but this particular product matches up to be as good as those two brands. 

I picked up the L'Oreal eye & lip makeup remover a couple of weeks ago and have fallen in love with it, I now find myself using it every night (only if I've worn makeup). I always worry about using eye makeup removers because my eyes are pretty sensitive and a lot of things tend to irritate them, thankfully not this product. 


04 February 2014

Review | Maybelline Colour Tattoo's

Hello everyone, now I know that the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's have been around for a little while now and pretty much everyone knows what they are, but here is my opinion on the little pots of joy!

I only have four of the possible shades in the range, there are a few colours I wouldn't really wear but the colours I do have are stunning and so wearable. I absolutely love these little cream eyeshadows, they're super pigmented, really easy to blend and have such amazing staying power, they will not budge until you ask them to. 

The four colours I have are Permanent Taupe which is I believe the one and only matte shade in the range, it is a lovely grey/brown shade that looks so lovely on and makes a great base for a smokey eye look or similar. On and On Bronze is a very popular colour and I can see why, it is a beautiful shimmery bronze colour that is not too dark and not too light, it has a gorgeous sheen to it but it isn't too shimmery. The lightest colour of my selection is Pink Gold, unsure as to what the gold represents but it is basically a light pink colour with a lovely shimmer again, it looks so beautiful and works really well with the Naked 3 palette. Lastly is Metallic Pomegranate which I absolutely love for the fall/winter time of year, it is the perfect cranberry colour and this one is a kind of semi matte glitter finish rather than being metallic or shimmery. 
Alice May Snell