28 January 2014

Review | MAC 266 Brush

When it comes to my eyebrows, I'm pretty fussy, I like them to look as close to perfect as possible, eyebrows shape and frame your face so much that if they don't look nice and groomed your whole makeup look can sometimes look a little downhill. 
There are so many different products that can be used in the eyebrows, one of my favourites is just to just either a wax or eyeshadow to fill in any sparse gaps and try and match my eyebrows up. Until now, I was really struggling with my eyebrows because I didn't have a good brush to use, now if you're like me you'll agree that if you don't have good tools you can't do the job properly. So I invested in the MAC 266 small angled brush, one word, perfection. 

I used to use a standard £1.50 brush from ELF which I'm not dissing, ELF brushes are fantastic and so inexpensive, however it just wasn't allowing me to create the look I needed and everyone raves about this brush about how good it is for eyebrows and it really is so good. The bristles are very dense but at the same time flexible so you can go from creating very precise lines to natural flicks in the brows. 

I believe that sometimes you do have to spend a little more to receive the good quality you would like, you do get what you pay for with a lot of things and considering I've used this brush every day since I got it, I think it was £16.50 well spent! I do think some of the other MAC brushes are ridiculously overpriced at £30.00 but thats just my opinion! I guess it depends on the quality, how often its used and how long it will last.

Have you tried any MAC brushes? Which is your favourite?
Alice May Snell