30 January 2014

Review | ELF Single Eyeshadows

Hey guys, so I recently picked up some of the Single Eyeshadows from ELF, I absolutely love the brand and the majority of their products are really good quality and are so inexpensive. The company are usually offering some sort of crazy discount between 10 and 60 percent off or free delivery, so these are the best times to make an order! 
I picked up a little selection of the single eyeshadows from the studio line, I picked five colours which are all a little different and are so beautiful, I love every colour. 
The five colours from the range I have are the following:
Raspberry Truffle a cranberry type colour with shimmer
Pebble a matte grey/taupe colour
Oatmeal beautiful beige with shimmer, similar to MAC rice paper
Mystic Moss dark green with a hint of shimmer
Sunset bright orange with a hint of gold shimmer

The colours are really pigmented and blend so easily when applied, I find the colour pay off to be really good for eyeshadows that cost just £3.75 each. For such an inexpensive price, especially as you can usually pick these up for less than the retail price with ELF's fantastic offers, they are great little eyeshadows and I really recommend them. They are all such beautiful colours too and I'll definitely be picking up more of these when I next do an ELF order. 
I also really like the packaging, like a few of ELF's products the packaging is similar to the NARS packaging in that it's the same colour and design, however not made from the same material, I actually prefer the ELF material as it doesn't get so grubby and covered in makeup! For the price you pay, these little pots of joy are so worth buying, and you can get as many colours as you wish because they're so inexpensive!

Have you tried any ELF eyeshadows?
Alice May Snell