06 January 2014

Review | Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Lip Crayons

Hellooo everyone, a little review post for you today on a favourite product of mine, the Bourjois Lip Crayons, I know these have been around for a wee while now but I always like to try things properly before even considering reviewing them, and as I love these I want you guys to know! 

I believe there are six shades in the range altogether and I own three of these, I believe the other colours available include a pillar box red, pinky red and an orange. The colours I have are 06 Plum Russian, 02 Fuchsia Libre and 04 Peach on the Beach. 

I love the formulation of these as they are so creamy, pigmented and glossy. I'm not a massive fan of lipstick as it's always such a faff to re apply and keep it looking good so these are a big love for me. They are simply a jumbo crayon for your lips, they have the pigmentation of a lipstick, the gloss of a lipgloss and the feeling of a lip balm so it's like a three in one. 

Non sticky but glossy and super pigmented are what I like to hear, these definitely match up and are one of my favourite lip products of the moment, these also were in my 2013 beauty favourites as I love them so much, they've got a fair bit of use and I can see myself using these a whole lot more!

I have included some pictures of the lip crayons on my lips for you guys to see them on as they always look different swatched on the hand to on the lips! 

The first colour is Plum Russian which is a similar colour to Kate Moss 107, it's a lovely berry colour which is perfect for the Winter months. This is one of the newer colours in the collection and is possibly my favourite as its so warm and beautiful!

The second colour is Fuchsia Libre, a lovely hot pink but very wearable. If you want something hot pink but not as dramatic as a lipstick then this is something you should try.

Lastly is Peach on the Beach, probably my least favourite out of the three. It's a beautiful shade but because my lips are naturally very pigmented and red, it shows up slightly streaky on me. But it is a lovely coral pinky shade and looks lovely in summer.

These are such brilliant products and I highly recommend them to you all, of course there are other brand alternatives such as Revlon and Rimmel but from my experience I like these the best.

Which shade is your favourite?
Alice May Snell