12 January 2014

January Beauty Wishlist

Hello lovelies! I'm starting a new monthly post this year, each month I will be writing a wish list, so for each month I will be telling you guys what I am wanting to try or get my hands on! I love reading these types of posts, so I thought this would be a great post to add to my blog each month! Let me know what you think :)

On my wish list for January are the following items...

indeed Labs Hydraluron Face Masks 4 Pack £19.99
I'm a massive fan of the Hydraluron serum do to spot these on the shelves in Boots last week got me a tad excited! I didn't pick any up as I'm pretty sure they will go on offer at some point so I think I'll wait till they do to give them a whirl. 

ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer £3.75
I've been looking for a replacement for the collection concealer as I think it could be giving me spots, one of my readers recommended this concealer so I'd love to order it and try it. I've read lots of reviews and it's got a pretty good rating overall from what I've read!

This is something that I feel everyone has tried but me, it sounds like such a refreshing product, although my skin isn't oily and it says it's meant for oily skin I still think it would be a nifty and nice product to have especially for days when you wake up with a pesky spot or two.

I recently purchased the standard Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara which I am really enjoying, I will be reviewing it near the end of the month. I really want to try the curl version now, a couple of people have recommended it and I'm always up for a mascara that will make my lashes super curly and keep them that way. 

HD Brows Palette £19.96
I love having nicely shaped, groomed eyebrows and I normally just use a standard brown eyeshadow to fill mine in a little, I'm currently loving 'crushed walnut' from Natural Collection. It would be so nice to try the HD brows palette as I've read and heard so many good things about it. I don't think its too expensive either considering you get four colours inside the palette and they would last a good while.

Back to having curly eyelashes, everyone says how good this eyelash curler is and I'm not convinced for some reason, I wonder how it can be any better than a standard Boots one. But I really want to give it a go so I can be proven wrong because there are so many people that love this tool so it must have a plus point, it is a little pricey for an eyelash curler though!?

What's on your wish list this month? 
Alice May Snell