21 December 2014

A Beautiful Palette by Bare Minerals

You may or may not already know that I am a pretty big fan of the brand Bare Minerals, I really love their original products and I've used them for years. Over the past year or so, they have introduced the  'Ready' range to their brand, this includes face products and eye products, of course being such a fan, I had to try some! I actually tried the new Ready Foundation and hated it, which was very disappointing as I absolutely love the original foundation. A few weeks ago I picked up this gorgeous eyeshadow quad that I feel you all need to know about! The colours are beautiful and are well suited to everyday or around this time of year, the packaging is also super appropritate for Christmas time. 


12 December 2014

The Body Shop Lovin'

A couple of months ago, I'd never tried anything from The Body Shop and now I am officially addicted. I have been sent some pretty amazing voucher codes in the past months, the particular code that stuck out to me this time was 50% off when you spend £50.00, meaning you could get your hands on £50.00 worth of products for £25.00! 

I managed to bag myself four products which I was extremely happy with, I ordered online and within a few days the products were delivered to my door. I was super impressed with the fast delivery, which was free due to spending over a certain amount - even better. 


07 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Wish List

This year, I have one hell of a Christmas list that I've had to turn into an overall life wish list, as there is just so much I would love, it's a little too much to ask for just for Christmas ;-). I have discovered and seen so many amazing products over the past few months, things that I would love to receive as a gift, instead of buying it just for myself. I really want to step into new brands, new products and broaden my collection, so I have included a few different things on my wish list this year, I do hope Santa thinks I've been good! 


05 December 2014

A Feel Unique Bargain

Feel Unique has to be one of my favourite places to buy my beauty products, they do some fantastic offers and the prices are a lot cheaper than other places such as Debenhams or official brand websites. I’m not entirely sure how they get away with selling these products cheaper, but I definitely don’t mind. 

With Feel Unique you can also set your favourite brand, in your account settings, this then entitles you to 10% off any product by that brand. Be warned that you can only change this brand every 3 months, so be sure to pick a brand you really love! 


02 December 2014

November Favourites

Happy December! November truly flew by this year, but we are not into the Christmas season and I am so so so super excited. There weren't many new products in my collection throughout November but there were a few fab little products that I have really been enjoying. 


30 November 2014

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter | Review

It's nearly December! Hurray, Christmas is coming. A couple of weeks ago I placed an order on Superdrug. I'm really loving the Makeup Revolution brand right now, and to see that they'd released even more products got me a tad excited. I discovered the 'Goddess of Love, triple baked highlighter' and quickly added it to my basket. 


21 November 2014

The Red Lip

Now we're into the colder months, one of the many things I love is the beautiful red and berry lip shades that creep their way back out. I really do love a darker lip but when I looked in my collection recently, I noticed I didn't actually have that many darker or just general red lip products, so I went on a little spree!

I placed an order with Superdrug taking advantage of their 3 for 2 offer and picked up a few lipsticks from MUA and Makeup Revolution, two of my current favourite brands. You can really pick up some fab quality products without breaking the bank these days and for just £1.00 these lipsticks are fantastic.


16 November 2014

The £1 Blush

I recently placed a makeup order and added a bunch of MUA products to my basket, I have tried a lot from the range and I love their products, I guess I just wanted to add more to my collection. I think their £1 products are fantastic and the price is even better, it's amazing to be able to pick up good quality makeup for such a small cost.

I have fallen in love with the MUA blushers, if you are on the lookout for a new blusher or just want to add more colours to your collection you definitely need to head to an MUA counter. There is a big selection of colours available from light to dark and peach to pink. My local Superdrug actually didn't have all of the shades available, which was annoying as it was 3 for 2! But I did manage to get my hands on three of the shades, I think there are around six or seven in total. 

I particularly like the packaging of these little blushes, they are very compact, smart and contain a lot of product, which for £1 is again, amazing. I don't believe this little product would last long if dropped, the blush would most likely crumble, but if you're careful and remember it didn't cost much at all, they'll be fine, besides it would only be £1 to replace anyway. 


10 November 2014

An All Time Favourite

Do you ever find those products that you just buy again and again because they never fail and you just never want them to never ever become discontinued? I do! It's not that often I find a product I couldn't live without, I could definitely live without this product but I wouldn't be too happy about it!


08 November 2014

Easy Eyes

If you're anything like me, you hate early mornings and getting ready is something I want to do quickly and easily, especially now we're into dark and cold mornings. So I'd just like to say thank you to the people who invented the products I'm going to show, those being cream and pencil eyeshadows. 

Recently I've been using cream or pencil eyeshadow non-stop, these products are effortless yet look amazing and can help you get ready for the day in minutes. Gone are the days of being late for work because you took too long doing your eye makeup ;-). 


02 November 2014

October Favourites

It's November! Seriously where is this year going, it's crazy. However we are now only less than 2 months away from the big C which is terrifying but so exciting at the same time, I absolutely love Christmas and cannot wait to enter the festive season! Anyway, on to a few of my favourite things from the month of October...
My first favourite from October is my new favourite mascara, Maybelline The Falsies in waterproof. I tried this mascara last year in the original formula and I was convinced I would love it from all of the wonderful things I'd heard, but I hated it. However since trying the waterproof formula I have completely changed my mind. This mascara is amazing, it gives a super intense black look and keeps my lashes curled and in place all day, with no fall down or smudging whatsoever. It's a little tough to remove I admit but with a helping hand from a good eye makeup remover, it's definitely worth it, and at just £7.99 it's not going to break the bank either! 
I have been using my Makeup Revolution Flawless eyeshadow palette non stop, it is a fantastic palette at just £8.00 for 32 eyeshadows. In particular I have been obsessed with the beautiful copper shades, now that we're into Autumn they are definitely perfect for this time of year. I'm so impressed by Makeup Revolution, all of their products that I've tried have been brilliant and are so inexpensive. If you like MUA products you'd love these too. These eyeshadows are so creamy and buttery, they blend like a dream and last so well on the eyes, even without a primer. 
If you read my blog regularly you'll know that I love brows, and new brow products seriously excite me. I picked up this Rimmel Brow This Way sculpting kit a few weeks ago and I have fallen in love. It is very similar to products such as Benefit Brow Zings and the ELF Brow Kit containing a tinted powder and wax. I picked the shade Dark Brown and both products are super pigmented and blend into the brows beautifully without being false or overpowering. I seriously love this product and for just £3.99 I will definitely be repurchasing it when the time comes. 
A little skincare favourite and life saver in October has been my nspa Brightening Micro-Derma Scrub, a very light and gentle facial exfoliator that very softly buffs away dead skin cells leaving a beautiful, glowy and soft complexion. I'm very cautious with exfoliators as my skin is pretty sensitive and I tend to react to aggressive or heavily scented products, this however is perfect for me. It is very light and has tiny little beads which exfoliate the skin, instead of being a scrub which would be too harsh. There is no obvious scent to this, it just does what it says on the tin.
Lastly is a little different favourite and its my new iPhone 6! Random but I have been obsessed with this since the day I got it, it is an amazing device and if you're a bit of a tech geek like me, you'll understand ;-). I moved from the iPhone 5 so the screen size is much bigger, it has touch id and is generally faster and more enjoyable to use. I've been loving using the blogger app on here now as the screen size is great for typing draft posts on the go and reading blogs on bloglovin. Previously my 5 screen was just that little bit too small so I am super happy with my new device! And I decided to buy it outright, so no stupidly expensive contract! 

What have you been loving in October?


30 October 2014

The MAC 217 Dupe

If you haven't heard of the MAC 217 brush, you're missing out! I am a big lover of makeup tools, especially brushes, whether its for face or eyes I seem to have far more than I need.

MAC brushes aren't cheap, ranging from around £15 all the way to £30+ they're definitely a treat or something for the Christmas list in my eyes. But price aside, their brushes are definitely worth paying that little extra, the quality is fantastic and they are nice to have, however, if you're on a budget there are some extremely good dupes or alternatives. 

217 is a fluffy medium sized brush, it is used mostly for blending but can also apply shadow, cream or powder and be used for concealer. I personally find myself using it mostly for cream eyeshadow application as it gives such a flawless finish. 


22 October 2014

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Liz Earle is a very popular skincare brand and it's one of my favourites, I'm not sure I could go a day without using my trusty Cleanse & Polish! I've used the brand for years and I've always been so impressed. I have tried many of the products from Liz Earle and loved all of what I've tried, the brand is excellent for anyone with sensitive skin or if you just want a very simple but effective skincare routine. There is no fancy packaging or fancy ingredients, all natural and beautiful. 

Recently I picked up the large size of the Instant Skin Tonic in the spritz bottle, I've tried this a long time ago but in a much smaller size. I've always been one to regularly skip toner in my routine, just because I've not ever found it to be that beneficial, just another step in the routine. I've always had thoughts that a toner would dry my skin out, but this is definitely not the case with this product. 

The thing I love most about this product is the fact that it comes in a spritz bottle, so I simply spritz the product onto my skin after cleansing and the product sinks into my skin beautifully. It is so nice to not need to worry about applying a toner using cotton pads, it really is so easy. There is no wastage with this product too, I find cotton pads waste a lot of product and the product doesn't tend to sink into the skin as much. 

I suffer with quite dry skin, the type of skin where when I leave the shower, my skin feels tight and needs hydration, which is why I love this so much. The way the product just sinks into my skin so easily and it is perfect for anyone, even with the most sensitive skin. With no scent or fragrance it really is a beautiful product, making a fab cooling and soothing agent for anyone with irritated skin. 

The packaging is true to Liz Earle style, very simple, chic and beautiful in the gorgeous staple colours. With a tight cap lid you can take this on the go and not have to worry about leakage or spilling. You can also buy the tonic in a standard bottle that you can then decant into the spritz bottle, instead of buying a new bottle each time! If you're a big traveler or fancy a handbag friendly size, the Liz Earle starter skincare sets come with a mini version of this exact product, a fab addition to your handbag for on the go. 

You can purchase Liz Earle products from some Boots stores, the Liz Earle websiteQVC and many more places such as John Lewis. Be sure to check the Liz Earle website near Christmas for fab gift sets and offers where you can save so much money. 

Whats your favourite Liz Earle product?

08 October 2014

MAC Paint Pots

I am obsessed with eye makeup, with trying new looks, colours and styles. I used to be a no eyeshadow girl, I'd just use mascara and eyeliner as it was easy and convenient, it also just looked how I wanted it to. I discovered cream eyeshadow a while ago now and loved it from the second I tried it on, the look, feel and longevity was incredible and still is.

I wasn't aware how amazing a small pot of cream eyeshadow could be until I discovered the Paint Pot by MAC. I believe these have been around for years and they come in an array of colours ranging from matte to shimmer which is fab as I love a bit of both. I currently only have two of the pots in my collection, at £15.00 they aren't the cheapest of product to buy and I can't decide which other colours I'd like to try.

The first shade I have is 'Painterly', a matte light pink toned neutral which makes a fantastic everyday base for any eyeshadow. The pink pigments work extremely well to counteract blue tones and veins on the eyelids as well as concealing any pigmentation and leaving a beautiful, smooth base for eyeshadow application. I also find this works as a general eyeshadow, I can use this alone on a daily basis and it gives a lovely neutral shade to the lid, covering any imperfections and giving a hint of colour. 

The other shade I have is 'Camel Coat', I actually purchased this one first out of the two, this is also a matte shade but a little darker than 'Painterly' and more on the brown side. I find myself reaching for this shade more over the other purely because I think it suits my skin tone better and I just generally enjoy wearing the colour more. Again this one could be worn alone or with eyeshadows, I think it looks gorgeous alone personally and this is my favourite way to wear it. 

I love the consistency of the paint pots, the lasting power is fantastic and I don't experience any creasing or problems throughout the day when I wear the product. I highly recommend these to anyone, and if you're on a budget take into consideration that the one pot will last you such a long time as you only need to use a small amount, there is a lot in there! 

What are your favourite eyeshadows?

05 October 2014

September Favourites

It's October! Halloween is nearly here! 
It has actually been such a long time since I posted a monthly favourites post, it feels great to actually  have a selection of products to share with you all. I hope I'm not posting this too late, we are already on the 5th of October, better late than never right?


04 October 2014

Mally Beauty Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Mally Beauty is a brand that I only know of and have tried because of QVC, the only stockist here in the UK which saddens me slightly but it is great that we can access the American brand somehow. Mally is the most beautiful American Makeup Artist who sells an incredible range of products, one of my particular favourites being her volumising mascara (trust me girls it does what the name says!)

A few weeks ago I picked up a few bits from QVC including a set of her mini liquid lipsticks, the name made me think they could be similar to the ever so famous Rimmel Apocalips. I was drawn in by the great price and the fact that they're mini versions, I like to try before I buy!

The set includes four beautiful colours, all of which I can wear comfortably, annoyingly they don't have names, I'm not sure if thats because they are limited editions for this set or because they are minis. Anyhow, the colours in the set include a baby pink nude, a bright orange, gorgeous hot pink and a mauve. 

I have found these to work great either just on their own for a more sheer hint of colour or by layering them on top of a lipstick gives a beautiful finish. The baby pink works lovely with the Natural Collection lipstick in Marshmallow and the mauve looks gorgeous over the top of Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink. The consistency of the product is just right, not sticky like cheap lipgloss but also not too glossy.

Have you tried any products by Mally?

02 October 2014

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover

Since I've started wearing waterproof mascara after discovering that it really does keep your eyelashes curled all day, I've needed to invest in eye makeup remover! This isn't something I used to use purely because my everyday cleanser was strong enough to remove general mascara, however it doesn't quite remove waterproof. So off to Boots I went on a hunt for an eye makeup remover, one that would remove stubborn mascara and every trace of it. 

I ended up going for the new Garnier Express 1 in 1, mainly because it was purple and it was half price! I love the 'shake to activate' concept of this and although you'd expect this to be a greasy, oily product it's definitely not. I've always been very put off by eye makeup removers purely because of the nasty texture they can have, and the feeling they can leave on the skin. This one however is really great, it removes every trace of my eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and awake. 

How I use this product totally depends on how I'm feeling that day and how much time I have, some evenings I like to use two damp cotton pads, disperse a little product and place them onto my eyes for a few minutes, this is dfintely something I do when I have more time or need to chill out a little. On a day to day basis I tend to just grab some of the product on my fingertips and gentle massage the eye area to break down the makeup, it works fine and saves on cotton pads! 

Since purchasing this I've used over three quarters and I will definitely be going back to repurchase whether it's on offer or not, I may try something different too but I highly recommend this product to any of you looking for something similar. 

Whats your favourite eye makeup remover?

22 September 2014

20 July 2014

The Most Beautiful Packaging

Last week I paid a visit to my local Marks & Spencer store, it's not usually a shop I venture into but as I hadn't been to my local town in a few months I thought I'd pay the shop a visit. Unfortunately my local doesn't have a large makeup section like I've seen in many of their stores however they do have a very little department that sells items such as bathroom essentials and skincare products. 

It was only when I approached the bath care section that I noticed these beautiful products, I'm not usually one to buy a product primarily based on the packaging but this time, I caved. I am totally in love with the shabby chic style at the moment, I recently had my room and bathroom re decorated in this kind of style and any products I see that resemble this just have to come home with me. 

So onto what I found, the brand itself is called 'La Maison De Senteurs' and I picked up a hand wash, body wash and bath cream from this beautiful line for my bathroom, I don't usually have baths as I prefer showers but I picked up the bath cream just for show! Now you're probably thinking come on, the packaging can't be that lovely, well take a look...

I am absolutely in love with the colours and the way these products have been designed so beautifully, yet they really are quite simple designs. I love the small hanging chalk heart on the bath cream and just the fonts that have been used are so pretty and delicate. I have so far tried out the hand wash and body wash which by the way, smell as amazing as they look. I find buying shower products quite the task, with such sensitive skin I find the majority of products irritate me or just don't work on my skin. However I've been really enjoying the body wash and I haven't experienced any type of irritation through using it which is a great success! These products tick all of the boxes for me.

Have you ever tried any products from Marks & Spencer?

15 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

Summer is here ladies! After a cheeky trip to my local Cosmetic Company Store I was super excited to find that they had the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks for sale, at a reduced price of £18! Which considering they retail at £30/32 was a pretty good deal. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a while yet when approached with the colour selection, it was so difficult to choose. In the end I picked Bronze, just because we're in Summer and it's the look I have been loving recently, rather than a flushed pink look which the majority of the other shimmer bricks offered. 

The Shimmer Brick is encased in the beautiful classic Bobbi Brown packaging, sleek black with white writing. There is however one downside to the packaging in the fact that the lid only opens up half way, meaning the mirror is at an awkward angle I therefore find myself not really using the mirror that is included. Maybe there is a genuine reason for this packaging style but in my eyes I just feel as though I'm going to break it every time I open it too wide! 

The shade Bronze is so beautiful and definitely my kind of colours. I love how warm and cosy the colours make me feel just when looking at them! I would tell you which strip of colour is my favourite but I honestly cannot pick as they are all incredible. 

I love to use the shimmer brick on a daily basis, it has multiple uses making it so worth the money and it has become a product I would definitely re purchase or pay the full price for if I didn't already have it, I urge you to add this to your wish lists! Firstly I love to just swirl my Real Techniques Blush Brush in the product and give myself a beautiful bronze glow on the cheeks and temples, just rising to the top of the forehead. Another way I use this is as eyeshadows, I've been loving the shade next to the white as an all over everyday lid colour, over the top of my Painterly paint pot by MAC it looks gorgeous and lasts me all day. The shimmer brick can be used in so many ways, I've used the white strip as an inner corner highlight on the eye and as a cheek bone highlight which also looks amazing. 

I am so in love with this product, the versatility of it, the use I've got when I've only had it over a month and just the formula and consistency of the product is beautiful. You really can grab a bargain these days and the drugstore do offer some amazing dupes for this but if you really want to treat yourself and be happy with a purchase for a long time, this is something you need to own! 

Have you ever been tempted by the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick?

13 July 2014

This week..

Hey lovelies! Is anyone else in the UK loving the beautiful warm weather we've had recently, it has been so so nice. Seeing all of the summery clothes and lovely colours in the shops is making me feel like I need a holiday, unfortunately I have nothing booked this year but if the weather stays nice it'll be mice to go away for a weekend or something.

Last week I was doing a little eBay snooping and came across a selection of gorgeous pastel iPhone cases, you can never have too many cases right? I've been really loving the pastel mint colour that has made quite an appearance recently, I have a top in the same colour which is also beautiful.

I also popped into my local Cosmetic Company Store, one of the best places ever if you catch it at the right time. Some days there can be hundreds of amazing products, for example I once picked up the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, bronzer, blush etc, all at a discounted price, bearing in mind that these products are available in department stores full price. Sometimes however the shop isn't that great and it can have only rubbish products or the shades customers don't want to buy. They did however have the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose!

I've had a serious obsession with Snack-A-Jacks this week, the jumbo caramel ones have been constantly on my shopping list. They're not massively bad for you either which makes me feel a bit better when I'm always buying them. On a healthy note I've been making myself a yummy breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and granola each morning, I've seen a lot of people make this and thought I'd give it a go. I've struggled to actually find some granola that has no nuts in but I eventually did and it's so yummy. I have been loving strawberries and raspberries with vanilla yoghurt. Try it if you haven't already as it's such a yummy and easy way to add fruit into your diet and is so easy to make. It's definitely better for me than the bowl of Krave I used to have.

As for my YouTube channel I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time and loveliness to leave me a comment, like a video or subscribe. This week I hit 2,000 subscribers which was such an amazing surprise, I started my channel just for fun, as something to fill the free time I had and it's turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. It took a long time to pluck up the courage to actually upload my first video but now it's so easy and feels so comfortable to do so. I just am so grateful for the lovely response and feedback I get from everyone. 

I'd really like to do a Q&A post or video so if you'd like to ask me something ensure you're following my Twitter and Instagram for all the information and for my upcoming giveaway!

What have you all been up to lately? I need updating.

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05 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

When I hear about a new beauty brand I instantly get excited, the thought of new products and colours is just so satisfying, especially when they're this cheap..

Makeup Revolution could be compared to MUA, with their fantastic prices yet great quality products especially their £1 lipsticks, yes people one pound!

I've not actually tried any of the MUA lipsticks because I haven't ever been drawn in by the colour selection however with the brights and nudes Makeup Revolution offer I was sucked right in.

I quickly placed an order on Superdrug.com with free delivery (result!) and was super excited to receive these a few days later. The shades I went for after hours of decision making are-

Enchant - gorgeous light lilac pink
The One - perfect neutral brown nude
Crime - blue toned hot pink

Firstly, the pigmentation of these is incredible, I can't be doing with those lipsticks that just have no colour payoff but these are so unexpected. I have always gone by 'you get what you pay for' but that really doesn't apply for these, at just £1 each I couldn't wish for nicer lipsticks. I'm forever paying between £8 and £15 for lipsticks that I get home and hate, if you bought one of these and hated the colour, it really wouldn't matter. 
Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone who doesn't want to break the bank but would like to try several lip colours! The only downside to these is that the lids aren't very secure and can easily pop off in your makeup bag, but for £1 I don't really see this as a big concern. 

If you'd like to pick up a lipstick or two you can order from the Makeup Revolution website or from Superdrug.com.

23 April 2014

Louise Young Brushes

Ooh new brushes, I seem to have bought so many new brushes already this year! Within the college I work at, the beauty department were having a makeup training session held by the lovely Louise Young. I managed to make a cheeky trip over to the beauty department whilst the session was taking place to have a little look at the work Louise does, and make a few purchases from the retail stand. 

I think it was my lucky day because the brushes were on an extremely amazing offer, normally they retail between something like £9.00 up to £36.00 but because there had been problems with the batch of brushes on the stand, Louise was selling them all off for under £10 each. I managed to get myself five brushes that cost me around £25 altogether, an absolute bargain and in my opinion the brushes are fine apart from a couple of the handles are a little wobbly - even one of my MAC brushes has a wobbly handle and that was over £15.00. 

LY37 Brow Brush £9.00 - Initially I didn't pick this brush up to use for my brows, I thought it would be a good eyeliner brush as it's small, precise and pretty flexible. However after giving it a go on my brows I've actually started to like it more than the MAC 266, pretty impressive as I love that brush to death for brows. I like how small and precise the LY37 is, it works perfectly with my Benefit brow zings. 

LY19 Taklon Concealer £11.00 - I love trying new concealer brushes and this one is quite different to any I've tried before which is really nice as I am yet to have anything similar in my brush collection. It's a great size and works nicely to gently pat concealer in around the eye area.

LY18 Eyeshadow Sable 1 £11.00 - I couldn't make a brush purchase without picking up an eyeshadow one to try, this brush reminds me a little of the MAC 239 brush as it's a small, flat brush that works really well to pack eyeshadow onto the lid, it also makes a great size and shape for the brow bone highlighting as it's small and dense. 

LY38B Tapered Shadow Brush £15.00 - This brush would be perfect if it was a little bigger, although it is super soft and perfect for blending however I find it takes a little while to work effectively as you can only cover a small area at a time. 

LY41 - I'm not entirely sure what this face brush is called or how much it retails at, however I've been using it for my bronzer and for contouring, it has quite a flat edge to it which allows you to contour the cheek bones really well but it also works for bronzer and would work with face powder too! 

Have you tried anything by Louise Young?


28 March 2014

Natural Collection Lip Lines

I think I've discovered one of my new favourite drugstore products, I'm not usually one to use lip liners and these are actually the first ones I've ever owned. Natural Collection do makeup well, I love their single eyeshadows and they have some beautiful blushes.

When having a cheeky look around Boots a little while ago, I spotted these lip liners hiding at the top of the Natural Collection stand, I'd never really noticed them before but I'm pretty sure they aren't new. I picked up the two colours I liked the look of, of course one being pink and I also picked a nude shade as I feel it would be such a great colour lip liner to have. Unfortunately the selection of colours in the range isn't that great, I believe there were only five shades altogether including the two I purchased which makes it a little frustrating as the pink shade doesn't match every lipstick I have. I would actually say that 'Ruby Rose' which is the pink shade is quite red toned, therefore it would work with a red lip or pink toned red lip.

As for the other shade I picked up, 'Almond' is quite a dark beige with a slight hint of orange, it works really well with my Rimmel Kate Moss no. 16 lipstick, I also found it to look nice with the L'Oreal Collection Privee in Cheryl's nude. I do find this shade to be a little on the orange side but it does work with a little blending and a light hand. On first application I was a little worried that the pencils were too hard and didn't apply as well as I'd hoped but after using a couple of times and giving them a good go on my hand first of all they're actually super creamy and blend really nicely. 

I've discovered how much of a difference applying a lip liner makes to how lipstick looks and how well it lasts, I find my lipstick always smudges off or looks messy after a few hours but if I've applied one of these before it seems to be lasting so much better and for a whole lot longer.

Overall I love this product, the two shades I have are lovely and I'll definitely be having a look into the other shades in the range, and also picking up more lip liners from other brands! They make such a difference and I really do recommend these to anyone who is yet to try lip liners or these particular ones.
Alice May Snell